Hilarious Twitter Thread Perfectly Sums up Democrats' Impeachment Farce

"Humor," Mark Twain famously said, "is the lighter side of truth." Nowhere is this more evident than in politics, where a joke can carry as much (and very often more) weight as as a well-crafted speech. And nowhere is the impact of humor in politics more evident than on Twitter, where a humorous tweet or two can perfectly expose absurdity.

Proving this theory, Twitter user Carpe Donktum has crafted quite possibly the funniest and most damning indictment of the Democrats' impeachment case against President Trump:

In just 11 tweets, Carpe Donktum accurately and incisively summed up months of Democrat maneuvering and spin, and did so in a way that one can't help but find to be hysterically funny. Thus is the power of humor in politics--it can render even the most serious, solemn process (which Democrats have to keep reminding us is a serious, solemn process) the farcical self-parody that it is.

If you're on Twitter, go follow Carpe Donktum. Seriously, you won't regret it.

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