A More Honest Evers State of the State Address

"Totally Real Tony Evers" delivers a more honest State of the State Address.

My fellow Wisconsinites, the state of our state is strong. The past 12 months have proved that my economic vision for the state, what I call Tony-nomics, is working. When I was elected in November of 2018, total employment in Wisconsin was 3,030,000. A year later, in November of 2019, that number had dropped by 14,700 people. Not only that, we added a full 11,000 people to our unemployment rolls in just one year! That’s Tony-nomics in action. And don’t let Republicans tell you that it’s Trump economy that’s boosting Wisconsin, either. As the national Labor Force Participation Rate rose by 0.3 percent over the last year, Wisconsin’s Labor Force Participation Rate declined by half a percent! Tony-nomics is working for Wisconsin. Just look at our unemployment rate. As the national unemployment rate went down by 0.2 percent under Trump, ours went up by 0.3 percent under Tony Evers! Under my leadership, employment is down, unemployment is up, and our labor force is shrinking quickly. And the best part is, we’ve still got three years to go.

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