Is Mayor Barrett Responsible for This?

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was quick to blame President Trump's rhetoric for the horrific acid attack near S. 13th St. and W. Morgan Ave. Saturday, but by his own logic Barrett himself is responsible for this criminal damage to property incident near N. 60th St. and W. North Ave.

In response to Mayor Barrett's inflammatory rhetoric about the President's rhetoric sparking violence, someone vandalized the side of the Mekong Cafe's building with "F*** Trump" graffiti. What's that? It's unfair to blame Barrett because the exact motive behind the graffiti is unknown?

By Barrett's logic, that is irrelevant. He is responsible.

"One of my biggest concerns is that this type of racial verbal attack and now physical attack is condoned at the highest levels of government in our country when you see something like this happen," the Mayor said during a news conference on the acid attack Monday. "This anger towards people from other countries is being fed by our president and by his followers, and what we're seeing here now--what we saw over the weekend--is a manifestation of that anger."

For this to make logical sense, then anger at Trump that is fed by Mayor Barrett and his supporters must be responsible for the manifestation of that anger in the form of the criminal damage to property against the Mekong Cafe. Never mind that it is impossible to know was going through the mind of the vandal when he committed his crime or if was actually inspired by Barrett at all, according to Barrett this is irrelevant.

"You're linking this [acid attack] to the rhetoric we hear in Washington, D.C.?" a reporter asked Barrett.

"Well again, it's being fed on a daily basis; this type of anti-immigrant fervor, this anti-immigrant hostility is being fed over and over again," he answered. "Is it tied directly to this event? I can't say that. I don't know what was in the mind of the man who threw acid in an individual's face. Who knows what's going through the mind of someone who throws acid in somebody's face? I certainly don't."

Yet he had no problem laying blame for "feeding" the acid attack at the feet of not only President Trump, but his supporters as well. Will Barrett likewise apologize for feeding hatred of Trump with his rhetoric and that of his supporters? Will he therefore apologize to the owners of the Mekong Cafe for the damage done to their restaurant?

Or will he laugh off the ridiculous notion that he is in any way responsible? If he does, one hopes he recognizes the inherently logically fallacious notion of blaming President Trump for an acid attack.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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