A Child is Shot in Milwaukee Every Six Days

The shooting of a 12 year-old girl over the weekend serves as a grim reminder that Milwaukee is a dangerous place for children. An analysis of homicide and nonfatal shooting data from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveals that a person 17 or under was shot an average of once every 6.29 days last year.

According to the paper's statistics, 53 children were injured in nonfatal shootings in 2018, while an additional five were shot to death.

This year, a total of 475 people were shot and injured in the city, while 42 more were shot to death for a total of 517 shootings through the first 231 days of 2019. That means an average of 2.24 people are shot in Milwaukee every single day.

The Dan O'Donnell Show covered this extensively Monday. Click on the player below to listen!

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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