Congresswoman Moore Helps Criminals Evade Law Enforcement

In an email to supporters in both English and Spanish Friday, Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) offered tips to criminal illegal aliens on how to avoid detection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"If an ICE agent comes to your door, you don't have to answer," the email reads. "A deportation warrant doesn't give ICE agents the right to enter your home without permission."

The email was sent in advance of ICE raids Sunday targeting criminal illegal aliens who had previously ignored deportation orders. Milwaukee was not among the cities in which the raids were conducted.

"Even though Milwaukee is not included on this list," Moore wrote, "it's likely to be a point of target. Other people who are not original targets could still be impacted. The Trump Administration wants to sow fear within immigrant communities, so I want all Milwaukeeans to be empowered with the right information."

The email gives further instruction if a target is arrested or detained by ICE: "You have the right to speak to a lawyer immediately and the right to remain silent and refuse to sign any documents without advice from an attorney." It then ends with a plea to "look out for your friends, neighbors, and community."

The implication here is unsettling: Milwaukee's Congressional representative is framing a federal law enforcement agency as the enemy of her community and a legitimate law enforcement action (that isn't even happening in her community) as an unlawful infringement on individual rights. The 2,000 criminal illegals ICE went after this weekend are high-value law enforcement targets and many are violent gangsters.

One wonders what the response to this sort of ridiculous virtue signaling might be if a member of Congress was offering legal tips to white supremacists ahead of a planned FBI raid on skinhead gangs.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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