Hispanic Trump Supporters Targeted for Attending Green Bay Rally

A group of Hispanic supporters of President Trump have faced nearly two weeks' worth of online harassment and targeting for attending last month's Trump rally in Green Bay, a string of Facebook posts shows.

Members of Latinos for Trump Wisconsin faced doxing and even at least one oblique death threat after they posted a picture of themselves at the April 27 rally. When a member of the anti-Trump group Hispanic News Network U.S.A. saw the picture, he reposted it with a long with a lengthy screed chastising those in it for supporting the President.


"These Latinos seemed to enjoy and are definitely complicit with the current wave of racism and hate that Trump has continued to advocate and as a known pathological liar, who can blame the nationally MAGA Latinos who apparently haven't stepped up to the plate and say, enough is enough of the practiced hate rhetoric targeted at Latinos in general," the post read.

Almost immediately, supporters of Hispanic News Network U.S.A. began trying to identify those in the picture so as to target them.

"This is the group of Latinos who supported Trumpo in his visit to Green Bay," the post read. "Know anyone?"

The post generated hundreds of comments, with many identifying those in the picture. One of them, Abby Ramos, owns with her family a grocery distribution business and bakery. Once she was identified, Facebook users posted links to those businesses and urged followers not to do business with them.

Shockingly, the group was even targeted with a death threat.

"Tomorrow I go to Wisconsin and if they die do not come and look for me," the user posted.

Another user urged supporters to "end [the Trump supporters'] prayers" and told them "you know the drill" in a reference to targeting of businesses and personal lives.

Mario Herrera, the Hispanic Outreach Director for the Wisconsin Republican Party, originally shared the picture of his group of Trump supporters at the Green Bay rally and has been the target of harassment ever since.

"Democrats don’t attack white Trump supporters--only minorities who don’t fit in the predetermined ideological box they’ve assigned for them," he said. "The Hispanic community is flourishing because of President Trump’s policies. It scares them to know they can’t scare minorities anymore."

Abby Ramos, the Trump supporter targeted by doxers, owns La Cocina de Abby Ramos. To find out more about and support her business, click here.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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