Biden Hugged, Kissed Wisconsin's First Lady During Campaign Event

Former Vice President Joe Biden--currently under fire for his decades-long habit of inappropriately touching women during public appearances--put his arm around future Wisconsin First Lady Kathy Evers during a campaign event in October and kissed her while makinga remark about kindergarteners "being too young to resist" romantic advances.

"Tony [Evers] owes a lot to Wisconsin schools," Biden said during a rally for Evers and Senator Tammy Baldwin on October 30th.

"He met his wife Kathy and Kathy, where are you? Come on up here," Biden said before walking away from the podium. A second later, he returned while leading Kathy Evers by the hand and then placing his arm around her as he resumed his speech.

"She says she's surprised," Biden said as he grabbed Evers tighter, pulling her head briefly to his chest. "By the way, running for Governor is a team sport. No way out!"

At that point, Biden pulled Evers closer and put his mouth up to the top of her hair for a split second as he spoke.

"He met Kathy in kindergarten," Biden continued. "She was too young to resist!"

She laughed along with the crowd at this.

"She should have known better!" Biden joked. "But she did it anyway, she did it anyway."

As he said "Thank you, Kathy," Biden then kissed Evers' forehead before releasing his grip on her and letting her walk off of the stage.

Daily Caller writer Benny Johnson noted the incident at the time, tweeting video of it along with the caption "Creepy Uncle Joe at it again" and writing a brief story about it.


Neither Kathy nor Tony Evers said anything about the incident at the time, and the Evers Administration did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

Biden is expected to announce a run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, but questions about his conduct toward women have dogged him over the past few weeks.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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