Congressman Duffy Still Predicting Trump Impeachment

Almost exactly a year ago, Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy made national headlines by predicting that Democrats would draft articles of impeachment against President Trump should they win the House of Representatives.

Now he's standing by that prediction.

"Absolutely," he told News/Talk 1130 WISN's Dan O'Donnell on Friday. "They are going to try to impeach Donald Trump, it's going to be a disaster, they're going to look foolish, and it's going to cost them a ton of seats and the presidency in 2020."

Earlier in the week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she did not support impeachment because it was "too divisive" and that President Trump was simply "not worth it." Those comments immediately raised the ire of rank-and-file Democrats and liberal activists, who have been pushing for impeachment since the party retook control of the House in early January.

"Nancy understands the politics of trying to impeach a president that's done nothing wrong but who you don't like," Duffy said. "However, you have [Congresswoman Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez and Congresswoman [Ilhan] Omar and the whole socialist wing of the party, they're going to want to impeach,but also the Democrat base--the people who gave them money to elect them, who knocked on doors for them--that radical base is going to demand that they impeach Donald Trump.

"[Pelosi] may say she doesn't want to impeach, but she's not in control."

Click on the player below to listen to Dan O'Donnell's complete interview with Congressman Duffy

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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