Dennis Miller Knows Why People Love Trump

Dennis Miller doesn't want to go off on a rant here, but he thinks he knows why President Trump remains popular among working class Americans even as the media relentlessly pounds him.

"That guy won because for better or for worse, his outer voice is an accurate depiction of his inner voice," the legendary comedian told News/Talk 1130 WISN's Dan O'Donnell.  "And I don't think they thought Hillary Clinton's inner voice and outer voice have ever even had a cup of coffee together."

That distinction, Miller reasons, was why millions of voters were willing to accept then-candidate Trump's and now President Trump's flaws: Because of the belief that he says what he means and that his actions (far more than his words) mean results.  

"All I know is this," Miller added.  "On any given week, when any President of any political stripe has a 3.9% unemployment--6.6% in the black community, the lowest it's been since they started recording the number in 1972--taking cash off the table against a country, Iran, that when we delivered the cash had a woodcut stamp that they put on the receipt that said 'Death to America,' and then getting the craziest of crazies to denuclearize potentially the North Korean peninsula; anyone who wants to come in at the end of the week and say that that guy's Adolf Hitler, they're crazy! They're the crazy ones."

Miller believes that an inability of Trump's political opponents to concede his successes is leading to a backlash.

"[Trump's] had an interesting first year-and-a-half, he's doing some great things for the country, not everybody hates them, and I think if you look across the cultural vistas right now, you're starting to see people tap out a little," Miller said.  "It's like they're taking runs against what at the moment is a stern fortress, and they're getting whacked on their helmet as they climb up the wall by the people standing on the parapet.  I think you're seeing something shift right now; something important."

President Trump's poll numbers have indeed been climbing in recent months as Democrats' advantage on the generic Congressional ballot has shrunk to within the margin of error, and Miller sees this as evidence that Americans--working class Americans in particular--are resolute in their support for a President whom popular culture tells them they should despise.      

"57% of the country believes we're on the right track, 57%! In this country, you can't get 57% as balkanized as it is to agree on pizza toppings.  After a year and a half of slinging everything--every sling and arrow that you can throw at a man--the right track is 57%.  His personal approval is probably closer to 47% because he is crass and he is rude sometimes, but Salena Zito in the Pittsburgh Courier said it the best: 'The people who hate Trump take him literally but not seriously, while the people who love Trump take him seriously but not literally.' 

"That's what's happening here, and in an odd way, by being such an outlier he's going to prove a pivotal sea change. This country does think it's on the right track. That's due to him.  Valerie Jarrett can come in far from left field and say 'Thank Obama,' people might even nod at work because they don't want to be ostracized in the break room, but they know it's not him.  They know it didn't work during those eight years.  They know under this guy, who's rough, sharp-elbowed, there are times you think 'Why does he even take a moment to even fight that fight?' but it's working better."

In the end, Miller says, a track record of success--which he believes Trump is steadily building--is worth far more to middle America than flowery speeches or more polished tweets.

"And in an odd way, as a billionaire, and I can only think that it's all those visits in a hard hat to his construction sites, he is developed a great rapport with the proletariat; the proletariat that the left always says they champion," Miller added.  "Well guess what? This guy knows how to talk to them and treat them respectfully." 

Dennis Miller will be at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee this Saturday. Listen to his full conversation with Dan O'Donnell below.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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