Taylor Spoke at Anti-Bullying Event Days Before Being Punished for Bullying

State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) was a guest speaker at an anti-bullying assembly at Jeremiah Curtin Leadership Academy on Friday--just days before she was removed from the State Legislature's Joint Finance Committee for bullying a staffer.

"Sometimes when you get bullied, it might make you feel sad," Taylor told an audience of elementary school students.  "And so I want you to talk to somebody, because when you hold the sadness inside, it makes you so sad that you might not be able to do your best and be your nice, bubbly self."

Taylor, who was introduced by a Curtin student as someone "who feels that no one should be bullied," was found to have bullied and retaliated a legislative aide over that aide's use of sick time.  

According to a letter from State Senate human resources investigators sent to Taylor on April 27th, Taylor "engaged in behaviors in violation of the Senate Policy Manual's anti-bullying provisions as it relates to the employee and other staff members."

Exactly a week after receiving that letter, Taylor spoke out about the dangers of bullying at Curtin, an MPS school.

"The person who's being bullied, I want us to support them because I don't want them to be sad because sometimes people make really bad choices because they've been bullied and sometimes people take their lives," she told students.  "And so I really want us to support, because it can really be hard for people."

Five days later, in a lengthy press conference, Taylor blasted her former staffer as lazy and disgruntled and refused to apologize for bullying her.

Taylor also faces a disorderly conduct citation after trying to bully a Wells Fargo bank teller into breaking bank rules to do her a favor on April 6th.  When the teller refused, Taylor admitted to calling him a racial slur.  According to the citation, she called him a "house n****r," while Taylor claims she called him a "house nigra."  

Watch video of the school assembly below (Taylor is introduced at the 32:20 mark):

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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