Nick Polce Talks About his Run for Congress

Republican Congressional candidate Nick Polce said Wednesday that he moved to Wisconsin in October to challenge House Speaker Paul Ryan in the state's First Congressional District.

In a wide-ranging interview on The Dan O'Donnell Show in which Polce discussed his 12 years of service as a Green Beret, Polce--a Connecticut native--admitted that he moved his family from Texas to Lake Geneva with the express purpose of primarying Ryan.

"We moved here to raise our son and to get into politics, yes," Polce said, adding that his decision to challenge Ryan was not personal, but rather based on a difference of philosophy and a belief that the Republican Party needs new leadership.

With Ryan announcing his retirement earlier this month, Polce and UW Regent Bryan Steil are vying for the Republican nomination to replace him.

Listen to Polce's full interview by clicking Play below.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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