MPS Board Member Tells Teachers' Union VP to 'Go to Hell'

Milwaukee School Board member Michael Bonds lashed out at MTEA vice president Amy Mizialko as Mizialko talked about a school bus proposal during Tuesday night's Board meeting.

Bonds, the former Board President, told Mizialko to "go to Hell" as Mizialko railed against Bonds over a plan to reduce bus service to certain students.

The crowd erupted, calling for Bonds to be voted out of office in November.

School Board President Mark Sain issued a statement on the incident on his Facebook page:

On behalf of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, I apologize for the outburst that happened during the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee meeting.

We can and will disagree with each other. That is good public policy. But it is unacceptable to use inappropriate language and behavior when talking to each other. It will not be tolerated, regardless of the source.

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