Madison Elementary School Pushing Gender Identity Theory on Young Children

Shorewood Hills Elementary School in Madison erected in a hallway a gender identity display featuring a "Cute Gender Unicorn" explaining transgenderism to very young children.

The display shows the unicorn with arrows designating three categories--"Gender Identity," "Gender Expression," and "Assigned at Birth."  The "Gender Identity" arrow points to "Female/Woman/Girl," "Male/Man/Boy," and "Other Genders" (which is not defined).  The "Gender Expression" arrow points to "Feminine," "Masculine," and "Others" (which is also not defined).  The "Assigned at Birth" arrow points to "Female," "Male," and "Others" (also not defined).

Next to the arrows is a picture of the unicorn next to a sign that says "Ask me about my pronouns" and is accompanied by six different gender symbols.  Below that is a list of different sets of pronouns, including "Xe, Xem, Xyrs" in addition to "They, Them, Theirs," "He, Him, His," and "She, Her, Hers."

Below that is a reminder to "always use inclusive language in class: Friends, Class, Students, Sharks, Children."

Anu Ebbe, principal of Shorewood Hills Elementary School, did not respond to a request for comment on the display, a picture of which a source provided to News/Talk 1130 WISN when she was in the school in early March.

"These are not issues that elementary school age children should be asked to deal with," the source said. "This display is right up at the front of the school for all to see. I am shocked that the school's administration approved not only the content, but its prominent placement in the school."

The Cute Gender Unicorn was created by Trans Student Educational Resources, and Shorewood Hills used a version of a poster that the group has distributed to schools across the country. 

The poster has appeared on a number of college campuses in recent months, including at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, which said it offered students an "opportunity to reflect on their own gender identity, expression, sex, and sexuality."

Shorewood Hills did not include in its display the "Physically Attracted to" and "Emotionally Attracted to" sections of the original TSER poster and altered the "Sex Assigned at Birth" section to read "Assigned at Birth." 

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