Student Blows Whistle on Liberal Indoctrination at Racine Horlick

A Racine Horlick High School student, fed up with what he believes to be the improper use of class time to preach liberal politics, is sharing his story.

"Most teachers at Horlick are liberals and they share their political view points in class all the time," the student said.  "The teachers spend more time talking about politics than actually teaching.  It has gotten to the point where students feel like they haven’t learned anything."

The student was prompted to come forward after News/Talk 1130 WISN reported on a poster containing a list of demands from a group calling itself "Black Lives Matter at School."  Sources said the poster was handed out to students and hanging on school walls, which would have required approval from school officials.

The poster listed radical liberal groups Voces de la Frontera and Y.E.S.! Youth Empowered in the Struggle as providing material backing for Black Lives Matter at School.

"The two teachers who teach AP (Advanced Placement) Human Geography and CP (College Preparatory) Sociology are a part of the Y.E.S. group," the student said.  "They use class time to promote the Yes! trips and force their view points on to students. They are teaching students that all white people are racist, minorities cannot be racist, and that white people are the only people who can end racism. 

"Students are not learning the curriculum. A few other students and I have discussed how we didn't learn anything in CP Sociology.  Students I know who have taken AP Human Geography say they weren’t prepared for the AP exam, and the AP Human Geography exam has the lowest passing rate."

Racine Horlick High School's directing principal, Angela Apmann, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

In March, 165 Racine Horlick students joined a protest in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program led by Democratic congressional candidates Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers. Bryce, Myers, and a number of other Democratic politicians were intentionally arrested for sitting down in the middle of a street outside of the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan.  

A month earlier, roughly 100 students marched to Racine Unified School District offices to protest what they called "racial injustices" at Horlick High School.

"The Y.E.S. kids recently organized the school walk out for gun control," the student added, referring to last month's nationwide protests.  "This gave an excuse for students to leave class and talk for 20 minutes. Most students didn’t even take it seriously. They are taking advantage of kids wanting to leave class to do these rallies."

The student said that this event, like nearly all left-wing student political activity, was supported by and even led by faculty members, who are so open about their political leanings that they have created a hostile environment for anyone who doesn't share their radical beliefs.

"White conservative students feel like they can’t express their views," the student explained.  "When they do they get a lot of hate for it.  I feel unsafe sharing my political views."

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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