Australian TV Host Proves 'Fire and Fury' Author is a Liar

Australian television host Ben Fordham proved "Fire and Fury" author Michael Wolff is a pathological liar who should never, ever be trusted.

During a satellite interview with Fordham, Wolff claimed that he couldn't hear Fordham's questions through his IFB earpiece.  Wolff then ended the interview by walking out, ostensibly because he couldn't hear.


Fordham, however, was not convinced there were actual technical issues and investigated. Lo and behold, he found that Wolff could in fact hear every question perfectly.

Fordham then posted the audio that Wolff could hear along with Wolff's reaction to his supposedly being unable to hear anything.


This proves that Wolff was lying about being unable to hear Fordham's questions and, if one watches closely to how Wolff reacts, it is apparent from Wolff's own answers that he could everything Fordham was saying.  On two occasions, Wolff waits until the exact moment Fordham stops talking to respond to him--indicating that he could hear perfectly.

Kudos to Fordham, though, for demonstrating for all the world to see that Michael Wolff is a liar who can't handle tough questions about his dishonest reporting.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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