Sterling Brown Won't Be Charged in Walgreen's Incident

The Milwaukee Police Department is declining to recommend criminal charges against Bucks rookie Sterling Brown after he was tazed and arrested in a Walgreen's parking lot early Friday morning.

"Command level review of relevant reports and body camera footage indicate that Mr. Brown’s actions and behavior do not merit a criminal charge," Milwaukee Police Sergeant Timothy Gauerke said in a news release Monday.  "Furthermore, the Department is reviewing the police response including supervisory oversight. The matter has been referred to MPD Internal Affairs for investigation and at the completion of that investigation the findings will be made public and the body worn camera footage will be released."

Officers saw Brown's car illegally double parked across two handicapped spaces at the Walgreen's at S. 26th St. and W. National Ave. at about 2:00 Friday morning.  The officers used a TASER on Brown and arrested him, then booked him into the Milwaukee County Jail.  The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department said Brown was booked into the jail at 5:30 am and released at 7:30 am.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Sunday that he expected that no charges would be filed against Brown, a statement blasted by Milwaukee Police Association President Mike Crivello, who bemoaned a lack of support for police officers from city leadership and Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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