Meadows Outlines Possible Clinton Investigation Corruption

In a pointed Twitter thread on Tuesday night, House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows outlined how texts from Peter Strzok potentially reveal major corruption in the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server.

"We have a text from May 4, 2016 where Peter Strzok says: 'Now the pressure really starts to finish MYE…” (or 'Mid-Year Exam,' the FBI’s code name for the Clinton investigation)," Meadows tweeted.  "May 4, 2016 is important--because it's when Ted Cruz dropped out. That day, Trump was the nominee."

That means Strzok, who was in charge of the Clinton investigation, recognized that since primary season was now effectively over, he needed to end the probe so that Clinton would not be under a cloud of suspicion during the general election.  

So Meadows asserts that Strzok acted.

"Now pause, and circle to FBI Director Comey. Remember Director Comey's exoneration letter? The letter from 2016 that, at first, called Hillary Clinton 'grossly negligent' but was mysteriously changed to 'extremely careless?' That change is massively important," Meadows said.  "Remember, 'gross negligence' under the 'reasonable person standard' is a crime. 'Extreme carelessness' is not, however. That change is hugely significant. Had Dir. Comey called Hillary 'grossly negligent' in his letter, he would've essentially been saying she committed a crime.

"We have email documentation that suggests the 'gross negligence' claim in Director Comey's exoneration letter was changed to 'extremely careless' between May 4, 2016 and May 6, 2016... by none other than Peter Strzok."

In other words, Peter Strzok:

1. Texted about his need to end the Clinton investigation because Trump was now the Republican nominee and then

2. Immediately changed language in Comey's exoneration letter so that it would not implicate Clinton in a major felony.

The text message is rather compelling evidence that Strzok changed the language for political and not evidentiary reasons which is, obviously, a major problem.

Read Congressman Meadows' complete Twitter thread here:  

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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