Travel Nurse Helps Injured Off-Duty Officer During Milwaukee Carjacking

Siren light on roof of police car

Photo: Getty Images

A travel nurse was in the right place at the right time to help an injured off-duty officer that was shot.

According to TMJ 4, an off-duty officer tried to stop a carjacking outside of a Shake Shack in Milwaukee and was shot during the incident.

An anonymous traveling nurse with over a decade of experience arrived at the restaurant to pick up food when she saw the suspect and officer fighting inside.

"I hear a gunshot, everybody is screaming, jumping over the counters in Shake Shack, I duck down behind the car," she said.

She heard several gunshots, what she assumed was the officer firing back at the suspect.

She then saw the suspect run outside of the restaurant door and the officer could be seen lying on the ground by a window.

The nurse told TMJ 4 that "the officer shot another bullet and it went through the glass and it missed the suspect," then the suspect began firing more shots.

"As he's running, just firing a whole bunch of shots in the air, out into the public, didn't really care where they are going," she noted.

The suspect fled the scene and the nurse went into the restaurant to help the officer. "I knew I had to do something, he's just laying there and I could tell he's bleeding, he's got wounds, he's suffering."

The nurse said that the restaurant's manager helped her with the injured officer. "He came and helped and he had all the employees take off their aprons. He was in the front, I was in the back. We were just trying to hold pressure."

Police and EMS arrived at the scene and the officer was taken to the hospital.

She believes that she was at that restaurant for a reason.

"it's a sign for me that God's telling me that (there) was a purpose for me, that it was something I was meant to do, that I was meant to be there," she told TMJ 4.

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