'Catch Us If You Can' Thieves Leave Note In Milwaukee Woman's Stolen Car

Car Thief gets into a stolen car

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A Wisconsin woman had her car stolen on Milwaukee's south side. When police located the vehicle, they found a note left by the thieves.

According to FOX 6, Camille Tracy had her car stolen and when the vehicle was found, its windows were busted, the interior was destroyed and the exterior was severely damaged.

"It was heartbreaking almost," Tracy said. "It was definitely surreal. I ran out the front door, I looked down the street and just to see if I parked somewhere I didn't remember."

Police found Tracy's car the following day near 30th and Cleveland. "Walking up to my car, it was hard to see that there was only one window left in it and it was disgusting inside," Tracy added. "All of my seats had cigarette holes burned into them. There was a big urine smell. There was blood, everything. It was horrible."

The thieves wrote a note on the car's window with marker as well as on a t-shirt taunting police. The note referred to the "Kia Boys" and said "catch us if you can."

"It was frustrating because it was like basically, we know you're not going to catch me, so we're just going to keep doing it," Tracy told FOX 6.

Tracy says she just purchased her car a few months ago. "I put my hard-earned money into my car, and it's disheartening."

Police have not made any arrests connected to the carjacking.

"I don't want anyone else to have to look out their window and see that their car is gone," said Tracy.

Tracy has created a GoFundMe page to help her raise money to buy a new car. You can find it here.

There have been a rise in car thefts in city lately and it has been discovered that most auto thefts in Milwaukee have been two makes of cars, Kia and Hyundais.

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