New Bar Opening In Wisconsin Offers Only Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Close-up of drinks on a table

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A new bar is opening up in Wisconsin, but they aren't like the rest of the bars in the state.

Inmoxicated is Wisconsin's newest sober bar that will feel like a regular drinking establishment, except - no boos will be served. According to TMJ 4, the bar will have the same type of drinks and games that you would normally see in bars, but the drinks will all be mocktails.

Although there is no alcohol, Inmoxicated will still be a 21-year-old and up establishment.

The owners hope the bar attracts the same type of crowd that any other drinking establishment does.

"I do drink. I just don't drink every day. I don't want a drink every time that I go out, but there's always that pressure to have a drink if you go to a bar with a group of people," Jeff Gustin, the manager of Inmoxicated, told TMJ 4.

The bar is designed to help relieve the pressure from those who either don't want to drink every night or don't drink at all but still get the same type of experience when going out.

"We want to make it a normal thing. We want to make people that don't drink or don't want to drink that day feel comfortable but not have to sacrifice a nightlife, a good time with friends," Gustin added.

The new bar is located at 329 Main Street in Racine and will open on December 14.

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