Alarming runaway crime falls directly on Dem policies and media cover

Jay Weber Show transcript 12-1-21

Don’t tell me crime rates don’t matter. Alarming, run-away crime played a huge role in the red tsunami of historical proportions that swept newt Gingrich and republicans into power in 1994.

And Gingrich was on Fox yesterday, agreeing with me: this high crime and unapologetic lawlessness that the democrats have nurtured in this country are starting to infuriate people:

Gingrich went on to talk about the attack on the Waukesha Christmas parade, and how the leftist media is already sweeping it under the rug:

Newt Gingrich: Waukesha Attack Is A Non-Event For The Democratic Left Because It Doesn't Fit The Narrative

Yes, the media blackout on the Waukesha attack is intentional, and premeditated. Six or seven children are still in the hospital and the history and details surrounding the attacker are -very compelling. Very ugly and dramatic and would sell a lot of papers and get a lot of tune in-

It’s a story perfect for newsrooms who want to make a lot of profit off a simple, straight forward, honest accounting of what’s going on: we report the news, and you buy our papers or tune in to hear it-

The details of this story are very compelling-as is the tale of the thug who allegedly mowed down children. In an earlier era, the coverage would be relentless, with every angle being followed up on, including what this scumbags’ motive was: and it appears to be primarily racial-

But-But-that’s why the so-called news outlets are suddenly disinterested, isn’t it? The story of Darrell brooks: Black nationalist and racist attacking and killing innocent white children- really-does not fit their leftist narrative-does it?

These big media outlets-in the few follow ups they have done- refuse to name the perp, and instead, insist it was a ‘vehicle’ that committed the murders-

Like murderous ‘Herbie the hate bug’....


Columnist John Hayward tweeted:

No one. And I think we already know that.

The fix is in. The leftists posing as journalists in the east coast newsrooms gave up pretending that they are real journalists years ago...

But more recently-even those reporters and editors at the J/S and in our local newsrooms have seemed to.

The J/S is as disinterested in any of these questions surrounding Darrell Brooks Jr, as CNN and MSNBC are.

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