This Is Wisconsin's Most Searched Spooky TV Show

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It's spooky season and that means binge-watching all your favorite horror movies and TV shows.

Of course, classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and Friday The 13th are binge-worthy, but scary TV series are becoming more popular among TV streaming services.

If you're looking for a new spooky TV show to watch, CenturyLink compiled a list of the 'Most Searched Spooky Show in Each State in 2021.'

Here is what the report had to say about their research on finding the most googled scary TV series in the U.S.:

"We compiled a list of the 50 most popular spooky shows based on data gathered from Ranker, ScreenRant, and IGN. We then found each show's search volume and plugged the 11 most searched shows into Google Trends to see which show was searched most by each state in the past 12 months."

So, what is Wisconsin's most searched spooky TV show of 2021?


The show originally premiered in 2016 and was canceled after six seasons.

Along with Wisconsin, Lucifer was the most searched TV show in 15 other states, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

To see the full report, click here.

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