The Democrats growing anti-Jewish problem exposed on the floor.

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-24-21 7:10am

Oh! This was fun, yesterday: Nancy Pelosi and the democrats in congress being fully confronted-on the floor of the house with their growing anti-Semite coalition.

We have talked about how the democrats have a growing problem with Jew-hating members, and they do, because Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and barrack Obama -in an act of desperation to keep winning elections as normal, working Americans turned against the party-

They invited everyone on the kook fringe into the party-including Bernie and America’s socialists.

Well, a feature of those global and American socialist organizations has been a hatred of Jews, and an unnatural support for middle eastern terrorist groups. These are people who-reflexively- side with the Palestinians and Arabs, against Israel, because they hate the Jews.

And now Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden have a growing number of anti-Semites in their party, because they have a growing number of global minded socialists that they have invited into their grassroots. And some of them have won positions in congress.

Look- when the so-called squad members ran for office-nearly all of them were outed for having decidedly pro-Palestine, anti-Israel, positions and connections to anti-Semitic Arab groups.

Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar pretty much lived in that ‘anti-Jew’, ‘anti-Israel’ airspace...before they got into congress.

Omar is a Somali Muslim- so- what a shock, there. She’s been caught numerous times making anti-Semitic statements, only to have Nancy Pelosi downplay them and cover up for her-

And ditto for Talib- who is also Muslim- initially had a Facebook page full of herself associating herself with anti-Israel groups and pro-Palestine activists, and she too, has routinely uttered anti-Semitic sentiments.

And by the way-AOC is also pro-Palestine/anti-Israel and has been called out for saying some anti-Semitic things. Just not as openly as Talib and Omar.

Well, the other day, these socialist anti-Semites forced Nancy Pelosi to strip a billion dollars’ worth of funding for Israel out of a bigger bill that they were passing.

This was slid in there-because it wasn’t even expected to be controversial. It was just business that needed to get done-and so Pelosi put it in there.

It was a billion dollars to help fund Israel’s

Iron dome missile defense system. This is the single most important tool the Israelis have in keeping their citizens-both Jewish and Muslim- safe from outside attack.

It was proven to be very effective recently when it stopped 90 percent of incoming rockets during days and days of recent missile attacks from Palestine.

In May- Hamas fired over 43-hundred rockets at Israel.

Well, the Israel-hating socialists decided to use their leverage and strip out that funding, before they agreed to pass the larger bill, and Pelosi had to acquiesce. So Talib, Omar, AOC and the handful of other anti-Semites in congress rejoiced: we kept the Jews from defending themselves...I guess.

Well, fast forward a few days, and Pelosi agreed to vote on a stand-alone bill to fund the iron dome. Several other house members-who do-support our most important ally in the region-put together a stand-alone bill on these billion dollars in funding-and the show-down over it was yesterday.

What it lead to was- fully exposing the fact that today’s democrats have a growing number of anti-Semites and Israel-haters in their midst. Because the anti-Jew crowd launched a floor offensive against this, and it included Rashida Talib labeling Israel an apartheid state that routinely commits war crimes. Listen.

Rashida Talib

If you don’t know-that is rhetoric taken-directly-from the pro-Palestine propaganda.

Apartheid is a system of segregation or discrimination based on race- so she’s leveling that charge, and calling the Jewish leaders war criminals, for good measure.

And look, all her fellow congressmen are in the room with her. This was floor debate. And she’s certain she’s got all sorts of democrats with her, in spirit, including AOC, and Omar, and the squad members, and she’s going for it.

It is the most direct attack on Israel from the floor of the congress in a very, very long time, and it is clearly the adopted position of a significant number of Pelosi’s members.

Well- there are still more democrats who are pro-Israel than anti-Israel-and half of the room is still republicans- and so- most in the chamber are mortified.

A Florida democrat named Ted Deutch, whose comments drew applause, afterward.

Ted Deutch

Talib got slammed so hard for her comments, that she clearly convinced some of the democrats who -were- going to vote to block this funding, to reverse course and vote along with the majority.

Even AOC betrayed her when the vote was called. Funding the iron dome passed by a whopping 420-to-nine.

Among the nine-Talib, Omar, Ayanna Pressley and core Bush- also socialist squad members. Chewy Garcia of Illinois.

Noticeably absent: AOC, who initially voted against it, but then went back up to the secretary and changed her vote to ‘present’.

It’s a move that was seen as cowardly, and she seemed to know it, because she walked back to her seat crying...and had to get a hug from her fellow congresswomen.

No one knows quite why she was crying, but the lefty pundits leapt to say, aw, she feels these issues so deeply...

No. She was betraying her own beliefs-and her own ‘justice democrat’ party members by changing her vote and knew it.And she was-because she’s an anti-Semite, but unlike Omar and Talib, AOC still feels the need to hide it.

If she wants to run for Schumer’s seat in the senate, she’s going to need New York’s Jews to do it. So, in a cowardly move, she changed her vote.

And so-it would be easy to say: well, see? Only nine democrats voted against protecting Israel, so there can’t be that big of a problem with anti-Semitism within the democrat ranks-

But that would be the wrong take: because several younger democrats in that room wanted to vote against Israel, too, until Talib made it so overtly ‘anti-Semitic’.

I am guessing that our own Marc Pocan would have voted against it if he’d have had more cover.He is one if Israel’s harshest critics in congress...but...voted in favor of the funding.

Probably because Talib made it so uncomfortable.

Democrats are increasingly the pro-Palestine, pro-Arab party-even though that side and their activist groups support-and even help fund- terror organizations...And so far, Pelosi and Schumer have only pretended not to see it-and gone out of their way to defend the sort of open anti-Semitism that sometimes slips from the lips of Omar, Talib, AOC, and others.

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