Democrats ignore the real reason for spike in violent crime.

Jay Weber transcript 7-27-21 7:10am

So- after a weekend in which the media literally could not keep up with an accurate tally for the number of shootings and murders in Chicago...

Jen Psaki dodged a question about whether President Biden’s gun violence plan is working.

I love this.

I don’t love this first partbut I’m not exaggerating: if you were paying attention to the news this weekend, you saw a news media in Chicago and nationally that could not keep up with an accurate total on the number of shootings and murders in Chicago, because it changed so quickly.

I saw...53 shot, five dead...oop....62 shot seven dea...oop...70 people show, now ten dea....oop...that’s wrong, too.

I believe the final numbers for Chicago this weekend were 73 people shot and eleven of them died. But don’t quote me on that because I might have missed yet another, super-final, update.

And this sort of violence was repeated across the country, of course, if not that exact level of violence. of of our most accurate sources for compiling data on gun violence saysfor all last week...America saw one shooting every twelve minutes.

Again-the two stats that really bring home how bad this spike in gun violence is- a shooting in America is recorded every twelve minutes...

And, of course, one shooting can produce multiple victims.

But...we are seeing a shooting every twelve minutes...and... we are seeing 123 Americans die every single day...due to gun violence.

And i know the left is working overtime to ignore the fact that crime is up across the board-including all sorts of violent crimes- not just ‘gun violence’...

We’ve talked about the Biden team’s effort to reframe the shocking rise in crime across the board as a ‘gun problem’. It’s not a gun problem.

And we can’t just focus on these stats.

As bad as crimes are that are being committed with guns, stabbings are up. Beatings are up. Rapes are up. Robberies are up. Carjackings! Are up.

Those are all violent crimes.

In addition, non-violent crimes are also up across the board: car thefts are up, shoplifting is up. Burglaries are up .Etc.

This is a massive ‘crime’ problem. It’s not a ‘gun’ problem as the left is trying to portray it.

Folks, yet again, this is a rancid group of left-wing activists trying to take advantage of a crisis.

Yet again-this is ‘not letting a crisis go to waste’ and ‘using’ the spike in crime to push for more gun control.

Those issues-are not- linked.

I know some of you think they are. I know that is going to sound like an odd or dishonest statement to you: it’s not.

Our ‘crime problem’, is not a ‘gun problem.’ Americans have had guns forever. Unregistered ‘crime guns’ have been on the streets forever and with the exception of the early 90s- we have never seen this level of gun violence and/or overall crime in America.

This crime wave isn’t due to any new ‘gun situation’ on the streets. And to say so is dishonest, and to believe it is foolish.

To be trite: people kill people. Not guns. And so what is causing more people to kill people? Or rape people? Or beat them in the streets? Or ‘jack’ their cars?

That is the question that needs to be answered.

And Democrats know the real reason, and so they don’t want Americans to think about the answer.

The answer to this spike in crime and violence across America-is that it is a response to several, socially destructive left-wing movements. The big two: the ‘defund the police’ and ‘vilify the police’ movements of the last year or two.

But other contributors are the ‘open the prison doors’, and ‘reincarceration’ movements we have seen by America’s prosecutors and judges.

They have done- real damage- by not locking up criminals who clearly need to be locked up.

So, of course Psaki is going to dodge the question: is the president’s crime plan is working?

Everyone knows the answer is ‘no’.

Biden’s DOJ has federal agents in Chicago ‘focusing on gun crime’...and to date? It has made not a single dent in violent crime in Chicago.

It’s ‘early days’ yet, on the effort...but so far? Nothing.

And of course, the American people are growing increasingly alarmed. Of course, they are.

There was a poll put out yesterday by the USA Today and the Detroit free press that was labeled ‘a shock poll’ a bunch of the elitist media.

There was nothing shocking about it.

The poll found that Detroit’s 80 percent black population God...wants to see more cops on the streets, not more BLM bullcrap.

If you’ve been listening to this show, I have been citing polls like this and telling you that -contrary to the left-wing narrative- most African Americans-do not- support BLM and the ‘defund the police’ movement.

This is myth. Polls have consistently shown that black Americans want police on the streets and want safe communities, too.

Polls have consistently shown that black Americans don’t want BLM coming to their city and burning parts of it down, either.

These polls have existed-they’ve just been repeatedly dismissed.

The other thing that needs to be pointed out here is that the ‘shocking’ part here, with this poll, is only shocking if you’re a racist.

The retort would be, but jay, this is even the sentiment in Detroit, which is 80 percent black people. That’s what’s shocking.

Is it?

I suppose it’s shocking to racist white liberals who see black Americans as one, monolithic group that all think and act alike...but it shouldn’t be shocking that most Black residents of Detroit want safe streets and neighborhoods.

A Marist poll taken in New York last month that found 70 percent of black New Yorkers want to see-more cops-on the streets, not fewer.

It shows just how fraudulent these ‘police reform’ movements are, in the wake of the George Floyd death. Very few people agree with the BLM protests and the accompanying ‘defund the police’ and replace them with social workers bologna that the far left has been preaching.

Consider this-and how it shatters the BLM, left wing narrative: nine in ten black residents of Detroit-said they would feel safer with more cops on the streets...not fewer.

Now, come on.

That-shatters- any suggestion that most Black Americans see the police as the bad guys. Or the ones looking to murder them. Or as some ‘occupying force’. All of those characterizations are crap-and these ‘shock polls’ out of Detroit, New York, and Chicago prove it.

This is a false movement, and ‘defund the police’ is a false and socially destructive narrative, and anyone who isn’t a closet Marxist looking to destroy this country by starting new race wars and new violence in the streets- knows it.

There was also this finding: Blacks in Detroit rated crime as their number one concern. Whites ranked it lower.

So... which racial group is more urgently hoping for our high crime problem to be addressed?

It’s African Americans, even more so than whites.

That also shatters the myth that most urban blacks want the po-po to just go away...and let their neighborhoods take care of themselves.

That, too, has been a push we’ve heard by some black activists-particularly in Baltimore and DC following police shootings: it would be better if there just were no police, and we just policed ourselves.

Bull plop, it would be. And this survey shows that’s a false narrative, too. Black city dwellers-want-the cops. Want. Law and order. By overwhelming numbers.

photo credit: Getty Images

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