Wisconsin Driver Pulled Over For Going 118 MPH, Gives Interesting Excuse

Photo: Wisconsin State Patrol

Ever felt so tired while driving, you went nearly 50 mph over the speed limit? One Wisconsin driver has.

According to a Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook post, a driver was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit during a midnight shift. The officer caught the driver going 118 mph in a 70 mph zone.

The driver told the officer that they were driving so fast because they were "sleepy."

Here is what the Facebook post said:

"Recently, a motorist was stopped during a midnight shift and cited for driving 118 mph in a posted 70 mph zone. The reason for going so fast? The driver said she was feeling "sleepy". If you are feeling tired while driving, take a break and find a safe location to nap. Do not stop along the interstate and, please, do not speed. Remember: Speeders risk more than a citation, they risk the safety of themselves and other drivers."

Exceeding the speed limit by 25 mph is considered to be reckless driving in Wisconsin. According to Autoblog, punishments for first-time reckless driving offenders can be:

  • A fine between $25 - $200
  • Jail time between five and 90 days
  • Suspended license for up to one year

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