Pelosi gave the GOP a gift and she's too dim to realize it

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-22-21 8:35am

My friends...the left-wing activists and their friends in the media tend to love! - Nancy Pelosi.

They rave and rant about her. Fall all over her as so wise and strategic and tough.

Oh, how lucky we are to have her fighting the evil republicans. She is so feisty and brilliant.

But the opposite is true, actually: she might be feisty and tough.... but she is not smart or strategic. And never has been.

It is one reason that republicans have made so many gains-at all levels of government-since Pelosi has been speaker.

She and Harry Reid-did not- deliver wins for Barrack Obama in nearly the same manner that Ryan and McCarthy and McConnell delivered wins for president trump.

They rammed ‘cash for clunkers and Obamacare thru. Okay. So what?

Obamacare’s a rolling disaster, and Obama’s only remaining legacy. But Pelosi and Reid mismanaged their majorities in the first two years of Obama’s administration, and their bungling led to the red tsunami election of 2010, and lost majorities.

In the ensuing years-as minority leader, Pelosi has not done anything brilliant or wonderful to build the democrat party. She and Obama made a huge mistake and gave the kook fringe the reigns of the party out of desperation, as the working class increasingly abandoned the democrats, and their leaders were worried about never winning again.

For nearly two decades now, we on the right have been saying that Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving. She has been a terrible speaker, strategically, and her actions helped lead to a conservative and GOP ascendency in America-at all levels of government

This is all predicate for me to say: holy cow, what a great gift Nancy Pelosi gave republicans yesterday-when she proved! Her January sixth commission is going to be a partisan farce-by engaging in a move that-literally-has never been seen before-

And blocked two of the GOP appointees to the commission.

Never has a speaker of the house said, ‘no. I refuse to let those duly elected congressmen onto this panel, even though the two parties have always been able to appoint their own members to such panels’.

This was an unprecedented- and historically foolish- move, my friends.

One story I read said: speaker Pelosi stunned the GOP on Wednesday by vetoing two of the GOP’s choices...yada-yada-yada.

Yeah. The republicans were stunned-because this was such a stupid political move.

You mean- after we have been insisting that this is a bogus commission and nothing more than a political witch hunt-you are going to prove it?


This had Kevin McCarthy and his team scrambling around to call a quickly news conference, in which he rightly said: Nancy Pelosi has destroyed this institution, as speaker.

McCarthy made it a point to say Pelosi rejected members who had served in the armed forces and law enforcement...and on other important standing committees.

She rejected congressman Jim banks of Indiana....and Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Pelosi said she’d seat the other three, but after Banks and Jordan were denied, the other three refused to serve, and McCarthy said that unless Pelosi relents, the republicans will not participate in this inquiry.

Well, I have been saying from day one that republicans should refuse to participate. It is clear to everyone in DC and any voter that has been following along-that this panel is solely being formed as a vehicle to generate more smears on President Trump and republicans than democrats can use next fall, and in 2024 if Trump runs again.

Pelosi did not hesitate to go back to her putrid, staggeringly dishonest, henchmen like Adam Schiff- to be her members of the commission.

She also controls every aspect of the investigation- and has already limited it to questions only about trump and ‘right wing’ groups instead of allowing for an honest inquiry into what went wrong on her end- and why the capitol was not more protected.

This move yesterday should be all McCarthy needs to make the case that Pelosi has just proved this is nothing more than a sham and a partisan witch hunt, in which republicans will not participate.

Here is another thought: does Liz Cheney now continue to serve on this panel, and if she does, what does it say about her?

Remember- Pelosi reached across the aisle and angered McCarthy a few weeks ago when she specifically invited Trump hater Liz Cheney to be on this commission.

It was another move that revealed what Pelosi intended-this panel to be.

But now- Pelosi is expressly rejecting an honest participation of some of Cheney’s fellow party members. Will she show some party loyalty and drop off the committee in disgust?

Almost certainly not.

Which is sad. But her Trump derangement syndrome is already too far gone, or she never would have leapt at Pelosi’s offer in the first place.

She certainly thinks its hers. It is what leads to arrogant and foolish moves such as this.

I also believe she’s too foolish to reverse course and relent, here, and so, her capitol riot commission is now officially a complete sham.

And she, herself, exposed it as such, yesterday.

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