Majority of Americans don't believe Biden is running the country

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-7-21 6:10am

This will not surprise anyone in this audience: about six or seven in ten Americans do not believe Joe Biden is running this country.

That number is more than 8 in ten republicans- who do not think Biden is really calling the shots, as president...

But it is also six in ten independents who think this...and even one out of every three democrats.

This is really something, people, and it makes you wonder who voted to put this man in charge of the country.

In fact, every bit of evidence that we have-aside from the actual vote total on election day- suggests that the American people did not want this man in charge. Joe and Jill Biden hold events-and still! - as the president and the first lady- no one shows up to see them.

That is odd, given how-alledgely-80 million Americans- more people than have ever turned out for a presidential election-ever-

Voted to make Joe Biden president.

And this occurred as the rest of the members of his political party took a huge beating, and nearly lost their control of congress.

The-one- result from November 3rd that doesn’t seem to make any sense-is that Joe Biden not only won the presidency, but somehow did it by getting more votes than any president has ever gotten-or dreamed were possible:80-million votes.

And then we are expected to simply take it on faith that the election was fair.

Who voted for this guy?

This is a poll from the Trafalgar group....whose pollsters wanted to see how many people were of the belief that Joe Biden is the one calling the shots, as president, after all...

National Issues Survey – Biden (in partnership with Convention of States Action)

If these numbers are anywhere near true.... there is no way Joe Biden can run for a second term. And if he does, there’s no way that his mental faculties aren’t a -huge—part of the campaign.

If he is running against a 74-year-old Donald Trump, the left will try to insist that trump’s mental abilities are also questionable...

But if it is Joe against, say, Ron DeSantis or Tim Scott, this will be-the- issue of the campaign.

I have always believed that Joe Biden was going to be one-termer. He is routinely spoken as if he is going to be, and in two more years, there is-zero chance-that he will be able to keep up with the rigors of running a campaign while running the country.

There is-zero chance- Joe Biden campaigns for a second term, beyond doing zoom and face time speeches from his office.

The covid-19 shutdowns are the single biggest reason that he was the democrat’s 2020 standard bearer, and allegedly won. It is precisely because Joe Biden did not have to endure the punishment of a traveling campaign...and precisely because his team could hide him away from the public thru-out the entire thing, that he won the first time.

There’s no way Biden will have the physical or mental stamina for a second term campaign three years from now.

And if his team tries to ‘run him’, they are going to be forced to face all sorts of questions about how and why they are abusing him like an ancient puppet...

Folks, already, DC insiders have coined the term ‘PINO’, as in ’president in name only’.

If RINO is a republican in name only and ‘DINO’ is a democrat in name only. Well...Joe Biden is a ‘PINO’...

A president in name only.

Who is really running the country?

That question is going to take on more and more prominence if Joe Biden continues to slip.

He is already to the point at which he can-kind of-read a speech off the teleprompter.

He will still get lost in it and stumble several times.

It’s already to the point at which his handlers won’t let him take questions, or even stay at the podium too long... for fear that he starts to tell rambling, made up stories of the sort he invented over the fourth of July weekend.

Some tale about his prowess as a baseball player, that all of dc immediately knew was made up.

But, folks, Joe Biden is only-one-of the problems that the democrat party has as they look toward 2022 and 24.

Kammy is another one. We talked about the whisper and smear campaign underway-within the Biden white house and from her own party- to disqualify her already, from becoming the 2024 nominee.

Some inside reports insist that Pete Buttajedge, Biden’s transportation secretary and all-around weasel, is one of the people orchestrating the hits on Kammy as a way to clear the way for himself.

Then there is the radical agenda itself. As i said yesterday, no one who voted for Biden-voted for this. He was sold as a ‘safe’ centrist vote. He was not Donald Trump, but he also was not like the other 24 Dem candidates for president who were talking like socialist kooks. Including Kammy and mayor Pete.

Biden was the ‘safe’ vote, who was only going to be the sort of caretaker, unifying president that America needed. Correct?

That is how he was sold to voters?

And so- no one voted for this Bernie Sanders/AOC style massive expansion of government and green energy spending of the sort that is in this six-trillion dollar reconciliation bill that they are going to try to ram home with only democrat votes.

No one voted for more gun control, or higher taxes, or to kill off the keystone pipeline, or to throw open our southern border to illegals.

Aside from a super-small sliver of activists- the American people did not vote for any of this.

And we have now got democrat polling firms and campaign strategists certain that another red tsunami-style electoral wipe out is coming for the democrats next year.

So, if the independents and swing voters who will decide the 2022 and 24 elections already believe democrats overspend- and these democrats cram home the largest permanent expansion of federal government since the early 1960s....and it comes with a price tag of six-trillion dollars....and that’s just the first hit: then it takes our annual federal budget to six to eight trillion dollars.....

Who do the democrats think is going to be voting for them next fall, or in 2024?

Do you see why such a huge part of their efforts is to federalize and rig all future elections? It’s because they won’t be able to win another honest election in most of these states if they follow thru with this radical agenda.

Another recent analysis done -by democrats- for democrats- concludes:

Trump will not be on the ballot next fall, and hopefully, won’t inject himself into the daily news cycles surrounding the campaign.

This analysis correctly suggests that if the democrats don’t have ‘hatred of trump’ to unify and motivate voters, they could really be sunk next fall.

Let us pray that’s the case.

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