VIDEO: Suspects In Stolen Milwaukee Car Flee During Pursuit After Crashing

Photo: Getty Images

Authorities released a video showing a police pursuit of a stolen vehicle that ended in a crash outside of a home in Whitefish Bay.

According to FOX 6, Whitefish Bay police said there has been a rise in vehicle thefts in neighboring communities, like Milwaukee and Shorewood.

The pursuit began once police noticed the stolen vehicle speeding on Santa Monica Boulevard. Shortly after the pursuit began, the car attempted to go around a truck and crashed into a yard near Santa Monica Boulevard and Lancaster in White Fish Bay.

The suspects in the vehicle attempted to run. In a video caught by the patrol car's dashcam, one suspect can be seen running from the damaged vehicle by hopping a fence to a nearby backyard.

The woman who lives in the home where the car crashed told FOX 6 that she was not home when the incident happened. She was on a walk around the neighborhood and came back to her home once she heard the loud crash.

Whitefish Bay police shared a photo of the vehicle on Facebook. They noted that "the subjects attempted to flee on foot, but all subjects were located quickly and taken into custody."

The Facebook post also added that "no injuries were reported as a result of the crash."

Police say the three suspects have pending charges, and they are also suspected of being involved in three other attempted vehicle thefts in Shorewood.

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