Wisconsin Will Dodge Cicadas This Year - But Not For Long

Wisconsin is lucky this year.

This year marks the comeback of 17-year Cicadas — known as the “Brood X” group — in states in the Midwest and Southern regions of the U.S.

Wisconsin will dodge the noisy bugs this year, but it won’t be long before they arrive in the Badger State.

Though there are several “broods” of cicadas, Wisconsin only sees one, according to the Insect Diagnostic Lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

The Lab shared last year:

“In Wisconsin, the situation is fairly straightforward as we only see a single brood: Brood XIII. Brood XIII’s 17-year cicadas last emerged in 2007, meaning that we’ve got four more years to wait until their mass emergence in 2024.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison entomologist Patrick Liesch explained more the NBC 15.

“We won’t see them here in Wisconsin; however, we do see periodical cicadas. Here, we have brood 13,” he told the station. Brood 13 cicadas “last emerged in 2007, and in 2024, we’re going to hit that 17-year mark…When they hit that 17-year mark, they are going to come up a little shallower in the soil, and they’re waiting for the soil temperature to hit 64 degrees.”

Photo: Getty Images