Supreme Court will take up a 2A case that could be a huge pro-gun win

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-27-21 7:10am

The now- 6-3- conservative Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case on gun rights that is likely to set precedent.

Assuming, that is, that John Roberts doesn’t find a way to screw it up, or insist on some exceedingly narrow ruling, as he often does.

And this is a big one-

Because it deals with the question of whether government can determine whether citizens have ‘a reason’ to carry a firearm, or whether their excuse is ‘worthy of’ a gun permit.

It promises to be a landmark case-and given the makeup of the supreme court- it is likely a decision that will shoot down all sorts of very restrictive local and state laws that have either government officials or law enforcement agencies determining whether or not you can exercise your constitutional right to carry.

And about half a dozen states have similar laws. Several big cities have similar ordinances, so it could be the biggest change in second amendment law in decades...if they rule the way they are expected to.

Meanwhile- all sorts of elected officials are showing their stone-cold ignorance on the topics of guns and policing- following the George Floyd verdict and the recent new police shootings-

Like the one in Ohio in which a large 16 year old girl was acting like an enraged rhino after police showed up and was about to attack another girl with a knife when an officer shot her dead.

This is the Ma’kia Bryant case which is really ‘open and shut’, my friends.

I know the BLM crowd and the activist left want to make Ma’kia their latest cause celeb- but if you notice, it’s not really catching on.

There was the initial, ignorant, LeBron James style over-reaction to the shooting. But since then, and now that more video has come out of the incident, it is clear that the officer had no other choice, and acted in the manner in which he was save a victim’s life.

And I’m about to delve into all sorts of left wing idiocy here-but before I do-I’ll give props to democrat congresswoman Val Demmings of Florida. She’s a black woman who used to be a police officer-and police chief-

And said on ‘face the nation’ that the officer was both justified, and followed proper training.


So there is a black, female, democrat congresswoman whose earlier career was in law enforcement, speaking some simple truths.

This is an ‘open and shut’ case, for anyone who doesn’t want to be some difficult BLM activist, or isn’t willfully ignorant on gun and policing issues.

So let’s get into some of the willful ignorance.

In fact-let’s start with another Black female Democrat-and a woman who is leading the charge to pass a ‘George Floyd police reform’ act.

Rep Karen Bass of Los Angeles. You’d think she’d be versed in all sorts of policing and crime and gun issues....right?

After all-she’s helped author a police reform bill.


Typical democrat. Karen bass has no idea what she’s talking about, as she said on fox news Sunday that officers should be shooting these suspects in the leg.

Now-in her defense-this is an idiotic trope that’s been around forever-

And-in her defense- Joe Biden has suggested the same stupidity-

But it should be alarming that this is a lawmaker who considers herself informed enough and expert enough to author a police reform bill!

What’s reform number one? Shoot ‘me in the leg?

Good grief.

And anyone who has seen the video knows that Bryant was out of control and not listening to instructions. She was bent on killing this other girl, and even yelled something to that effect: shooting her in the leg- even if the officer could have pulled off that shot in the heat of the moment-was not going to stop her from doing damage.

I’ve described Bryant as being like a raging rhino. Because she was, in that video. She was not a small girl, and she was rampaging around wielding a knife-

And this was all-after! the police had showed up!

Folks, if there was any hope that the sight of law enforcement was going to cool her off or calm her down, it didn’t work. She was as determined as ever to kill this woman she was raging after.

And so shooting her in the leg wasn’t about to stop her. If anything, it might have made her a more dangerous lunatic.

The advice here is kind of the same for a wounded bear...or wounded lion: if you are going to shoot it, you’d better kill it, or you are only going to make it angrier and even more dangerous.

It’s why ‘shoot ‘em in the leg’ is such stupid advice. First of all-it takes a precise shot that can only be achieved in TV shows and the movies-

And second-it doesn’t stop the perp. It doesn’t stop the enraged actor. It leaves them with a gun or a knife in their hand...and potentially even more dangerous now.

And here’s a sitting u-s congresswoman who is an influential player in the Dem’s police reform legislation-and apparently- Karen Bass has never even talked to a police officer....nor done any reading....on policing and police reform!

What a dope.

But this Ma’kia shooting right after the Floyd verdict ‘brought rain’ when it comes to left wing dopes.

I also give you: Congresswoman Joyce Beatty-who is the chair of the congressional black caucus.

Again. Veteran lawmaker. Venerable and important chairwoman of the congressional black caucus..

And her solution is: officers should fire warning shots in the air, first.

Again. Like in the movies.

And hey-she also proffers the ‘shot in the leg’ option, but Beatty is a veritable schmorgasboard of new policing techniques.

‘Why not shoot warning shots in the air?” She suggests.

Good grief. Where does those bullets land, Joyce? A street over? Thru someone’s window three streets over?

What an idiot

I love how Beatty pretends that the law enforcement community hasn’t even thought about the ‘shoot ‘em in the leg’ technique.

Why not shoot, if you have to, in a leg? Shoot in the arm? I can that be addressed?

It has been addressed, Joyce.

It was addressed probably 120 years ago, when city police departments were developing the earliest policing techniques with guns and realized that pistols are inaccurate and you cannot hit someone in the arm or the leg with any chance of success.

In real life-you can’t shoot the knife or the pistol out of someone’s hand. You can’t...put a bullet thru their palm so they drop the gun, like the old westerns.

You can’t shoot them in the arm or leg and expect them to just stop what they are doing and give up.

You have to-stop the threat. It doesn’t mean ‘kill’, but it means ‘disable’, ‘neutralize’. Bring an end to the threat. And given a human’s anatomy-that means the torso. It’s the biggest target, and has the best chance of success in putting down a perp for good. Even if you then immediately call for an ambulance and work to save the perp’s life- which our law enforcers are also trained to do.

The point is to neutralize the threat. End the danger to yourself and others. The point is -not-to kill, or take a life.

But if you have to-you have to. The perp made his or her decision. It’s on ‘them’. Not you.

And this Ma’kia Bryant shooting- was on her. It’s sad and unfortunate for her family but she was in such an out of control rage or had so little respect for law enforcement that she literally thought-in the moment- i can attack and seriously damage-or even kill-this other girl that I’m mad at and get away with it.

Sorry. No.

She made her decision, and it was a deadly one.

And as I said the day of the shooting: if we cannot agree that cops have the right and the duty to shoot a suspect in order to stop an active murder about to occur...then why even have police departments?

If that’s the case-BLM should just push to have law enforcement agencies become the ‘cleanup crew’ and nothing more.

Just respond to the bloody mess-and organize the carting off of the corpses.

It sounds like that’s what they- and people like LeBron-want our police to be.

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