The Real Game Behind the Covid Passports (manipulate the private sector)

Texas governor Greg Abbott is the second red-state governor to ban covid-19 passports as a ‘thing’ in his state. Florida governor Ron DeSantis was the first.

Let’s hope other red state governors follow suit, even if the threat of needing a covid-19 passport never really develops into ‘a thing’.

These GOP governors and lawmakers in the states and in DC should make it clear: none are needed. Businesses have been protected from frivolous covid-19 lawsuits. They don’t need to feel like they can’t reopen without worry. Let’s get back to work and play.

That needs to be the message.

And I know that the glorious Dr. Fauci and the p-sack of crap Psaki....are both saying that the federal government won’t require a covid-19 passport...

And that’s good, as far as it goes, but one reason the Biden admin is saying that-and taking that position is that they want the private sector to take the lead on it....and use these silly covid-19 passports as a way to force more people to get vaccinated.

The Dems think that if a demand comes from government, the American people will refuse it and fight against it. But if a demand to get vaccinated before you...return to work...attend a concert...attend a football game stay in a

If those demands are in effect-and come from the private sector- people will relent and get their covid-19 vaccinations in order to participate in society.

So-before you relax too much on the whole ‘covid-19 passport’ idea, because Biden’s team says it’s not need to -first- consider that they have already proven themselves to be bold liars to the American people in just three short months...

And-second- you need to consider the angles. Game out the strategy here....

He can’t ban private companies from requiring some ‘proof of vaccination’ ...and that’s what Biden’s duplicitous team is counting on.

They are looking at vaccine passports as a way to force more Americans into getting the vaccine-without the federal government being the bully or issuing an unconstitutional mandate....

And so -what looks like a positive: we can ease restrictions and go back to normal with private sector covid-19 passports...

Is really, more accurately: you need a covid-19 passport to fully participate in society...and only then...can we go back to normal.

Do you get the difference?

These passports are coercive, even if the directive isn’t coming from government.

Instead-the Biden government is hoping to manipulate all of this- one step removed. By using private business.

Martin Kulldorf is an epidemiologist and professor at Harvard medical... So let’s not pretend that he’s not credentialed, and probably a democrat, himself.

And he helps expose the scam in a piece today:

In order for big venues to put a passport requirement in place-there needs to be a government restriction in place that the venue is looking to protect itself against, correct?

The covid-19 passport idea gives the federal and state government nannies-more of an incentive-to keep restrictions in place, nota reason toease them off.

We do not need even private sector passports, much less the Biden government ‘being helpful’ and coordinating them all.

This has been their offer: no, no, we won’t require a federal covid-19 passport and won’t keep a database or anything, but there is a role for government to coordinate a private sector covid-19 passport system.

No. There’s not.

Leave it alone. This pandemic will be over before you can even organize it. Some covid-19 passport system is totally unnecessary within the United States.

We can’t control what other countries do, or mandate. But here? It’s unnecessary.

But their goal is to push people- thru subtle extortion to ‘voluntarily’ get the vaccine so that they can fully participate in society.

They are offering a carrot, rather than a stick, but it’s still an attempt at big government manipulation of the masses.

Imagine if you can’t travel, shop, dine out, attend sporting events, or even go back to work in your old office, until you get vaccinated?

At some point, nearly everyone would say, screw it. I’m literally isolated from society if i don’t get the vaccine.

This is what team Biden is going for here- with their offer to coordinate a private sector covid-19 passport system. We’re just willing to be helpful.

Folks-anytime a government agency offers to intervene ‘just to be helpful’ suspicious.

I hope those of you who were around for the reagan era realize that we have officially come full-circle.

Ronald Reagan said the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.

Have you noticed what the Biden/Harris theme is, currently: help is here?

Have you caught this? Biden and Harris and their they step off of Air Force one and two and arrive at destinations...are is here.

May god help us all…and it’s likely intentional. The democrats figure forty years has passed and Reagan’s mantra and mindset has kept us from getting back to the era of big government that FDR and LBJ were building...

And so...let’s take it head on: help is here, America. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and AOC are going to ‘build America back better’.

It’s worth noting that Reagan was such a great and effective president that -for forty years, that sentiment has had a limiting effect on Washington DC, and has had every president except Obama suggesting the same thing: smaller, less intrusive, government was better.

Even Bill Clinton espoused smaller government, if you forget the Clinton era. And trump certainly believed it.

For forty years- Reagan’s legacy -and that phrase- have hung over dc...and irked the liberals and socialists to no end.

Finally, a bold group of socialists believes America has forgotten that simple truth...and is selling socialism as ‘help is here’.

We need to fight harder than ever before to expose that lie.

photo credit: Getty Images