Nearly every major US city see a huge spike in violent crime

Jay Weber Show transcript 4-6-21 7:40am

Now to the least surprising news of the day- segment.

Offering one: Portland police officers are fleeing the city like crazy, and blasting crazy left wing political leaders as they leave.

Their exit interviews- are not flattering.

Yes. Every major US city- which are run almost entirely by democrats and most have been for decades and decades-

Nearly every major US city saw a hike spike in violent crime in 2020 and the trend is continuing right into 2021.

Yesterday, we talked about how the city of Milwaukee’s non-violent shootings spiked in spring of 2020- and how that number has now-doubled!- in the spring of 2021.

Data from the Milwaukee police department shows there were 86 non-fatal shootings from New Year’s day thru April first of last year. This year, during that same time period, there have been 153 non-fatal shootings. That is crazy!

If there is any good news, it is that there have been seven fewer homicides so far this year, than last. But there are already 30 of those, in just the first three months of this year.

Every democrat-run city is seeing it- and most of our largest cities let ‘defund the police’ activists talk them into slashing their budgets.

So-no surprise-the cities that slashed their police budgets saw the biggest spikes in crime.

LA is reversing course after a spike in homicides last year-continues into this year. LA has already seen 77 murders this year, up from 60 during the first three months of last year.

Out in suburban and rural America life is fine. The crime rates are still super-low. A violent crime is still a shocking thing to us, and our law enforcers are doing their jobs unmolested by the public and with the support of local leaders.

I know that some smaller departments have had to deal with lefty elected officials trying to bring the anti-cop B.S. to smaller communities, but it hasn’t worked out. Life in rural and suburban America is a much different realty than life in these major cities, and the people who live in those cities still, for some reason, insist on voting for increasingly ignorant ...increasingly left wing democrats who just keep driving them into bigger and bigger holes. Increasing their poverty and desperation and taking away more and more of their personal safety.

We have a fellow listener here, to WISN, Deb- who has been listening to my show forever. She goes back to the Weber and Dolan days, at least.

Deb from the north side, whom I have met in person a few times at station events when we’ve had them...

She’s a lovely woman...who ... A few months ago finally moved out of Milwaukee’s north side and into West Allis.

And I tell yah- Deb’s experience in the suburbs has been eye-opening to her-and to me-

This is a woman who had spent her entire adult life- in

Deb moved to West Allis and says- my god. What a change. No gunshots at night. No prostitutes or drug users littering the streets and parks. Clean, safe gas stations.

She marveled at the grocery stores: fresh produce and all sorts of made-to-go options. Stocked cases, clean aisles.

She sent me her thoughts in a series of twitter messages, and it was fun to hear about her eye-opening discoveries. She-genuinely- seemed to have no idea how safe and clean and comfortable the suburbs are. She loves her neighbors. They all have manicured lawns. They’re open and friendly and talk to her.

This is a woman in her late 40s or early 50s...and her messages also made me sad, at times. I was saddened to know that there are so many people like in America’s big the poor and dangerous neighborhoods...who will never know what it’s like to simply feel safe in your own home at night. Can never feel like they can leave their car on the street-or even in their garage-and know it is going to be there when they return-

And because of that-cannot have nicer things.

Why buy a nice car if it is going to make you a target?

It is heartbreaking that hundreds of thousands of people in this country- cannot ever really feel safe and content. Not hear gunshots or groups of loud, roaming teenagers, as ordinary background noise...once the sun goes down.

Deb just moved to one of the nearest suburbs and God this is how the rest of America lives? This is wonderful! Halleluiah.

She’s living a clean, quiet, contented, safe suburban life now and I couldn’t be happier for her.

And yes, she has allowed me to pass all of this along.

Every American should be able to have what we have-in the suburbs and rural communities and most Americans in these big cities -used to have it- decades ago, when American democrats -and even American socialists- had a much better perspective and desire to build a better community and a better America....while preserving the American dream and America’s freedoms.

Not anymore.

Now today’s left is invested in ruining America. Destroying what it has been for hundreds of years so they can turn it into something they do want to see: a socialist utopia of the sort that history has proven is a fool’s errand.

A dangerous, miserable crime against humanity that every new generation of young people and old hippies seem to want to bring back-and force on the rest of us.

And it has-never worked.

America’s cities are hell-holes today because an increasingly radical American left has insisted on ‘fixing them’ for sixty years now, and only destroys and degrades them more with each passing year.

And the voters -for some reason-keep voting them back into power.

And now we have Joe Biden and the activist left trying to turn America into one big hell-hole of the sort that we see in California and New York.

Look at what’s going on along the border.

Did you hear that border agents arrested two known terrorists crossing into California recently?

Both Yemeni men...crossing separately.

Biden’s open border lunacy has-absolutely-set this country up for another major terror attack.

And democrats don’t seem to care.

They also -clearly-don’t care about the incredible new levels of misery and cruelty that their border crisis is causing.

They really are heartless people...and yet they are always the first to pretend to care, or that they are doing something compassionate.

The mayors of these small border towns that Biden’s agents are dumping busloads of illegals into are saying- we are going to have bodies strewn all over the desert at the temperatures heat up.

This is where Joe Biden is dumping busloads of people. In dozens of small border towns like this. They are literally dumped to wander around and/or find their own way somewhere else.

And the mayor says-they have no idea they are being dumped. He’s not sure what they are told by the border guards and Biden’s’ accomplice media-refuses to tell the rest of the country what’s really going on down there. Because it’s simply criminal. Truly unconscionable.

But remember- these Dems claim trump was the mean, evil one...for getting them all to stay home and apply to come to America the proper way.

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