Don't listen to the propagandist media. Biden has hacked off our Allies

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-23-21 8:30am

When Joe Biden won the White House-his accomplices in the lefty global media insisted that other world leaders were relieved: oh, thank god, we don’t have to put up with Donald Trump anymore, or his pro-America cowboy act.

I stress that-that is what we were told-by the lefty propagandist media.

I didn’t believe it, given how Donald Trump, even as he asked the NATO countries to pay more of their commitments and pressured them into taking positions that were more pro-west and pro-America, also was the first US President in a decade to have a backbone, and to support our traditional allies as all presidents have since World War two.

Remember-Obama was the anomaly, not Trump.

Obama was the ‘soft on our enemies’ president who went soft on Russia and China, who gave a speech apologizing for America and talking us Islam in Egypt...and turned American foreign policy on its ear.

Obama went weak on our traditional enemies and left a few important power vacuums that Russia and China moved to fill and that made our European and more traditional allies nervous.

Especially in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Then Trump came in-re-established not only American leadership and dominance but also

Re-established the more traditional, long standing policies of the west, and yet- we were supposed to believe that-when trump left, all of these world leaders were excited about Biden.

The guy who was Obama’s VP when America adopted a ‘lead from behind’ posture and made the world a more dangerous place.

I never did believe the stories.

And so now let’s fast forward a few months. Joe Biden has been inaugurated and has been in office, doing this job, exactly one month- and look at the state of affairs.

The Mexican president is said to be po’ed at Biden after he reversed trump’s decisions on illegal immigration and the ‘safe third country’ agreements that also had Mexico’s southern border secured and their immigration problems dealt with-as well as ours.

So Biden has hacked off Mexico just a few days into office. He’s overturning the tables in the Middle East and with Iran, again, which we will get to in a moment...

But new this week: central European countries are furious with Biden because he won’t honor Trump’s position on halting a Russian pipeline that most countries in Europe want halted.

So a month into office- Joe Biden has sold out Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and much of the European Union on this.

Only Germany -and Angela Merkl-want this Russian pipeline to feed their country. The others see it for the geo-global threat that it is-to have the Russians supplying most of the natural gas to Europe.

But Biden has angered at least five to ten important allied countries with that reversal. Add this to angering Canada over his move to kill off the keystone XL-pipeline- and you wonder what US allies are left for Biden to insult.

Oh-and Biden went out of his way-not to call- Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel after his inauguration. Israel is one of our most important allies, and Biden went out of his way to insult him...and Israeli leaders.

Folks, Joe Biden has dumped on virtually all of our most important allies-and he’s only been in office a month!

If he punches Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron in the stomach the next time he sees them, he’s swept them all.

Which brings us to his reversals on China and Iran which might be the most dangerous and consequential.

Biden is insisting on rejoining that stupid Iranian nuclear accord that Obama and John Kerry agreed to, even though it hasn’t stopped Iran from enriching uranium and perusing the nuclear bomb, nor the rockets to deliver nukes here.

Everyone on the planet with half a brain knows that peace deal was a sham now. They know trump’s strategy on Iran: isolating it and starving it of international funds and commerce-is the way to handle a rogue, violent regime.

I mean-trump’s handling of Iran so quickly after Obama’s attempt- couldn’t have made the contrast starker: trump’s approach worked, Obama’s didn’t-

And so here’s dimwit Joe Biden insisting he’s going to re-enter this terrible, useless nuclear accord.

Even though it is now years later, and Iran has been perfecting it’s ICBM rockets and has been producing uranium metal- which is used to form the cores of nuclear weapons.

Imagine- Iran has cheated on this deal for five years-and is now much further ahead in their nuclear ambitions- and Biden and the nimrod John Kerry still insist the nuclear accord that Iran’s mullah’s- never-for not even a single day- honored... Must be returned to.

Who can possibly be this dumb?

I’ve been telling you that in dc and NY Joe Biden was always seen as the affable boob and John Kerry was always seen as the insufferable boob.

Well- now we have that pair of boobs trying to out-maneuver the mullahs.

God save us all...and may god save the planet.

We know. With certainty. Thanks to a trove of Israeli Intel and documentation, that the mullahs never stopped their research and never closed their labs or testing sights.

We know that they were working on rockets and nukes-as they were lying to John Kerry and Obama and signing the official accord.

Even in that moment- we were just the stupid, gullible Americans that the Iranians were outsmarting, in their minds.

And thank God Donald trump did come in and turn it all around and do the first real crippling damage to the mullahs and that evil regime since the bush era.

And here comes Biden rushing to undo it all.

The only good news is that the Iranians are demanding that all of the sanctions Trump put on them be lifted, before they will even talk with Biden about re-entering that nuclear agreement.

Our best hope is that Biden and his diplomats aren’t dumb enough to fall for that- because it’s not a coincidence that it has been remarkably quiet on the terror front over the last four years.

Trump had Iran’s terror arm, as well as the terror organizations it funds, like Hezbollah, in a remarkably quiet stretch. Now Biden wants to flood them with funding again, and kick start the larger global terror threat.

I don’t say it lightly, when i say Joe Biden and his aides are dangerously dumb.

They are so dumb that they handed Russia and China another gift-for no reason-when Biden rushed to rejoin the ridiculous Paris accord. The climate agreement that amounts to having our global enemies and rival economies sit around and watch as we destroy our economy with foolish global warming fixes.

Meanwhile-they just laugh, and profit, and continue to pollute.

You think I exaggerate when i say the Chinese-literally-sit around and laugh and profit and pollute, as we destroy our economy.

Which of our enemies wouldn’t sign up for that deal?

And which of our presidents-other than Obama and Biden-would be stupid enough to suggest it?

There’s a reason this isn’t a treaty: because even most democrats during the Obama era weren’t stupid enough to sign this self-destructive agreement.

And Biden knows there still aren’t enough now.

So he’s going rogue, just like Obama did.

And then when republican presidents do something that-is-within the constitution and the global norms- the democrats call them cowboys.

Who are the dullards and cowboys here?

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Biden Hacks Off Allies