How Hagedorn let down WI voters and not just conservative ones

Jay Weber Show transcript 12/4/20 7:10am

It was disappointing news to hear that the Wisconsin supreme court had rejected the request to take up the main trump lawsuit in Wisconsin early: to hear it before it went thru the lower courts.

And that is what the decision was yesterday...but for all practical was still ‘the dagger’in any trump attempt to overturn the results here in Wisconsin before the electors certify it nationally....on December 15th.

There just is not enough time to have this -very important lawsuit-work its way thru the lower court and appeals court process. Especially not if it is assigned to a lower court judge who is a liberal or a quiet trump hater.

All he or she would need to do is sit on the thing until the clock runs out.

That is what the -flaming ass- brain Hagedorn allowed for, yesterday, as he came up with another bogus excuse not to have the court hear the most pressing issue of the day.

And as a guy who supported brain Hagedorn’s candidacy...I can tell you that if -any-other conservative runs against him when he’s up for re-election in 8 years....I will refuse to support Hagedorn again.

And not because he is not ‘ruling the conservative’s way’.

That is not my beef here. I will not support him, because Hagedorn decides to play games with the biggest and most important cases.

This is not the first time that Hagedorn has used this bogus excuse that, well, there is a process here...that starts in the lower courts.

That is a bull-crap excuse...when he knows the issue is a pressing one...and time sensitive and when he knows the case will just end up right back before the court, anyway.

Longtime listeners will know that I cannot stand supreme court justices who-refuse- to, damn it, settle the argument.

It is the entire reason their court exists, and their position exists. It is the sole reason that they were either appointed or elected to sit on the court: hear the biggest, most pressing, most important, most divisive cases of the day...and dammit....make a ruling on them.

Instead...we occasionally get game players. Like John Roberts on the federal supreme court, who-works-not to offer clear decisions in cases.

Roberts-works-to have this supreme court issue cryptic or partial rulings that never actually do decide the question.

And that is in addition to being a flighty flip-flopper and siding with the liberals in some cases ‘just to give them an occasional win’ that his court seems fairer.

That is all malarkey. That is not his job. His job is to follow the law and the constitution- regardless of where the chips fall.

And now on the Wisconsin supreme court...Brian Hagedorn is playing this role.

And I believe his motivations are different. I can only guess at why it is he is insisting on being difficult here- and not! - agreeing to hear the most pressing cases.

But my guesses would be: -a- he is a coward who does not want to take criticism for having to make a controversial decision...or -b- he has some personal hang-up...

Some pathetic hang up over something he learned in law school: that.... first, lower courts need to hear the case.

This is the third or fourth important case now, that Brian Hagedorn has decided that he’s going toside with the liberals-and nothear the case early- law school we learned that the lower courts should chime in first. There is a process here.... that we should honor.

The problem with Hagedorn’s take here is three-fold...

First. It’s simplistic and stupid when you know the case is time sensitive and is going to end up back in front of the court anyway.

Second... is a decision that-denies-justice when the person or plaintiffs making the time-sensitive case have the clock run out on them.

And this is important-because it blows up Hagedorn’s logic: it is -not- justice to rigidly follow the framework of the judicial system-no matter what.

Some cases -are pressing. That are time-sensitive-

And standing by...and hiding behind ‘process’ as the clock run outs out is denying...justice.

And this is paramount. This is why Brian Hagedorn has been a huge disappointment. He is used this ‘process’ bologna several times now to- deny- justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied and Hagedorn is-intentionally- running out the clock on cases that, for one reason or another, he does not want to decide!

What the heck is that?

And then the third reason that his excuse here not to hear the trump case is ballcap is this: Brian Hagedorn has been-very-situational in how he is using this ‘follow the process’ argument. We have seen this same man agree to take up other cases early and settle them...

And without ever even raising this ‘process issue’.

So Hagedorn is being very inconsistent in using that excuse...which leads me to believe this is more likely aconvenient ‘fall back’ that he’s settled on to cover his behind when he wants to avoid a controversial decision such as:the trump lawyers are right. Wisconsin election laws were clearly broken here. We need to toss out tens of thousands of ballots.

If you are looking for a motivation for why Hagedorn would-not- want to hear this case and is hiding behind an excuse-that would be it.

Remember-this is the second time he is used this excuse on a time-sensitive electoral issue.

In spring. Hagedorn pulled the same crap with that lawsuit to force the election commission to clean up our voter rolls, remember?

Daniel Kelly recused himself because he was on the ballot and that allowed coward Hagedorn to side with the liberals and-not- take up the case that could have only be decided one way:

With the court-forcing- the Wisconsin election commission to follow the law-and toss out 200-thousand bad addresses on our voter rolls.

In fact, Hagedorn’s’ malfeasance on that case may-well have played a role in Biden winning and trump losing Wisconsin on November third here, couldn’t it?

Hagedorn pulled the same stunt back then-and because he did- 200-thousand bad addresses are still in the WI voter database and could have been used fraudulently by the left.

Now Hagedorn is making the same cowardly move here with this very important and controversial case.

Brian Hagedorn-get some stones. Put on your big boy pants- and agree to hear-and help decide-the most controversial cases of the day!

What? Is he worried that the conservative side of the aisle is not going to like his decision?

Well, that is a ‘feature’ of his job...if you run for judge.

If you are an honest judge, sometimes you are going to make rulings that disappoint your own supporters.

And we realize that he was put on the bench to call balls and strikes the way he sees them... And there are going to be some decisions that go against conservatives...even with a conservative court...

But my god-hear the case!

I do not know if it is cowardice. Or wrong headedness...or what but I will not support a person like this again...if there’s a better alternative when his term is up.

And I realize that’s seven or 8 years away. But if he’s going to keep up this sort of game playing and on the most important and pressing cases facing the state.

Then what good is he?

Why even have Brian Hagedorn on this court?

As conservative. Or a liberal?

Even Hagedorn’s’ fellow conservatives were clearly disgusted with him. Judge Rebecca Bradley got it-exactly- right. She wrote:

"The majority's failure to act leaves an indelible stain on our most recent election"

They are correct. That is the ‘justice denied’ I was talking about...

And good for Ziegler, Bradley and Roggensack.

Who would have thought that...of the four conservatives on the court...the one the person who would have no sack?

What a coward.

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