Biden refills the swamp with his cabinet appointments

Jay Weber Show transcript 11/25/20 8:05am

Well-with Joe Biden’s cabinet appointments...the swamp really is re-filling.

He’s choosing a bunch of long-time dc retreads that those in dc and New York find reassuring...but the rest of the country is likely to find lacking.

You’ll have Republicans and Trump supporters seeing a return of the worst type of swamp creatures: those that willingly give away the country to foreigners and the dream of a global government...

And you’ll also have the more activist and socialist crowd upset that. For all of their efforts to get Biden elected...nothing’s changing.

At least not when it comes to the balance of power and the people invited to the elite cocktail parties in dc and New York.

Very little will change.

See-after four years of trump- the most powerful and entrenched people in the dc establishment-in both the political and bureaucratic wings....just want a return to normal.

And normal for them is: they control the levels of power and dictate to the rest of us and get to go to cool, elite events and cocktail parties again, and Hollywood and Broadway stars are invited to the white house again...

Their elite club is reforming again. And they couldn’t be happier.

I went thru a number of these cabinet selections yesterday and said: it could have been worse.

Biden isn’t selecting centrists, because he’s not a centrist. He’s selecting long time dc insiders who are traditional liberals. A few might tip toward the ‘woke’ socialist crowd now...but they have spent their careers being more traditional liberals.

Also...a number of them are rather harmless boobs....instead of rabid young socialist activists who could have done-far- far- more damage.

I used John Kerry as an example of this yesterday.

The eco-thugs force Biden to create a global warming czar....and he promised to do so in order to placate them and get their vote..

But then he appoints John Kerry to it? A 76 year old global polluter himself and he and Teerrssa...trot the globe on their private planes and yachts. Visiting their 30 houses?

John Kerry isn’t going to do anything groundbreaking in this position. He’s going to be a dull, pathetic, placeholder.

Imagine what sort of rabid eco-activist AOC and her crowd could have found to fill that position if Biden had let them.

So far-in every single announced appointment- Biden’s team is simply a return to the Washington establishment. And the socialists and justice warriors arepeeee-ooooooed.

It appears as if Joe Biden and his team-really did-check with Mitch McConnell and see what sort of appointees could actually get thru a senate that republicans should still control in 2021...and did make appointments accordingly.

There are a few that i think senate republicans should challenge- like Jake Sullivan as national security advisor. This puke was neck deep in Hillary’s hi-jinx over at the state department and tried to defend the steel dossier this week...when it was nothing more than a political smear document.

And folks-no one- who had any involvement in spying on trump’s team or inventing that dossier and the bogus Russia collusion smear should ever work in government again.

The Republicans should reject him.

And they should reject Biden’s pick for homeland security chief, too. His name is Alejandro Mayorkas...and he’s an open borders hack who was the architect of the unconstitutional DACA program. They shouldn’t approve him, either.

But-in general- these people are going to be rubber stamped-because Mitch and the Republicans will realize that it could have been so much worse: Biden just went back to dc insiders. That! Their fellow dc insiders in the Republican Party can live with. Correct?

This is a team of careerists...and what are McConnell and most members of his leadership team?Careerists, as well. There’s a comfort in seeing the dc establishment and status quo return.

And I’m not endorsing it. I’m not happy about it. I’m just explaining it.

It was Marco Rubio who had the best take yesterday. He called Biden’s national security team....a group of polite and orderly caretakers of America’s decline.

And I do believe there will be a healthy chunk of our GOP Senators who take that position on some of these people. Most of them will vote against-most of- Biden’s selections. I’d think.

Still- the full senate gets to vote. And so this isn’t a matter in which McConnell needs all of his republicans to approve of every one of these nominees.

He’ll have virtually every democrat voting in favor of Biden’s nominees? Right? And so he’ll only need a small sliver of the GOP senators to vote in favor of them.

Biden needs to select people that can get-some measure-of GOP support. They don’t need to get overwhelming GOP support. Most of the votes will come from Schumer’s democrats.

This is, after all, a Dem administration’s cabinet.

The house doesn’t vote-and that’s where AOC and the squad are. That’s where the more open and rabid socialists serve.

Most of Schumer’s caucus is full of ancient- traditionally liberal- senators. Most of them have been around nearly as long as Biden has. And so they are praising Biden up and down for these picks: many ivy leaguers.Oh, so many brilliant former staffers...oh, Biden is hitting home runs here...

That’s the take on the hill from the establishment liberals.

Biden has completely bought into the DC B-S that ivy leaguers are better. We got to stack the administration with ivy leaguers.

Obama’s admin was stacked with ivy leaguers and they-and it- were a train wreck. But here we go again.

But remember Biden’s own pathetic academic credentials.

So 78 ....people around him say he’s sensitive about his own credentials and has an outsized obsession with the ivy leagues.

But he’s appointing ‘old school’ ivy leaguers. When the people who went to Harvard and Yale still loved America.

Today’s ivy leaguers all seem to be socialist America haters. And Biden, so far, hasn’t tapped into that pool in order to fill out his top staffers.

But have no doubt: hordes of them will be used to fill out the lower rungs of a Biden government...because there are a few thousand appointments to be made, here.

As for AOC and her ‘justice democrats’ insist Biden stack his cabinet with their socialist choices- not only has Biden ignored that idea- but several of his choices actually have the woke crowd-very- upset.Cedric Richmond took hundreds of thousands of dollars in oil money during his congressional campaigns.

John Kerry is a hypocrite big polluter while claiming to be ‘green’.

Biden is thinking about a woman named

Michele be his defense secretary....and yes. She’d be the first Defense sec with ovaries....and the media is making a big deal out of that..

But... Flournoy has past sins to account for: the socialists are slamming her.

The socialists want a peacenik, not a war monger.

So...this is going to be a frustrating four years no doubt...but so far...Biden is deeply disappointing the socialist activist left.

There’s no doubt that they will have some influence on his policies and regulatory’s an encouraging sign that he and his team aren’t rolling over to them as they form their government.

It is also- an indication that Biden and the dc democrats ‘got’ the message from America’s voters. This down-ballot wipe out they saw on November third was clarifying: we have to muzzle these socialist extremists if we want to do better in 2022.

We’ll see if the DC Dems can do that. Or whether the poison of socialism is going to keep spreading in this party.

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