The media used to want answers

The biggest news out of the recount in Milwaukee is that they are separating the indefinitely confined ballots that raise suspicion. 

Counters have been told to flag any ballot with two different colored ink. 

That is huge. That is a red flag that someone was changing the ballots. That very well could be election fraud. But that nugget is buried under complaints about the Trump campaign delaying the recount. 

Real Clear Politics has a piece that makes the case that it is the same scenario in state after state. 

Easy question: Is it illegal to steal an election or not?

You would have to assume that it is no big deal based on the response to claims of widespread fraud in the contest between President Trump and Joe Biden. Big Media says the evidence just doesn’t exist, and most Americans seem to be lost in a blue haze of blind acceptance that whatever they are told by the talking heads on TV must be true. 

This kind of unthinking obedience to authority is a frightening harbinger of an America that is no longer a nation of laws, but rather a nation of edicts. You can already see that unfolding in the sheep-like acceptance of COVID-19 restrictions that blatantly ignore the Constitution. But if you dare do your own independent assessment of facts -- whether regarding the efficacy of mask use in preventing spread of coronavirus or regarding the security of electronic voting -- you will quickly come to a different conclusion than that which is approved by Big Tech, Big Media and Big Money.

Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to do their own research. They simply believe whatever is told to them. For those in thrall to the establishment media, that means they believe that Trump’s allegations of election fraud are “baseless.” Remember, the media made that declaration within hours of the election, long before any evidence had been presented in a court of law and before analysis had begun on the raw vote totals. Once that narrative was established, it didn’t matter how many affidavits were presented, how many witnesses came forward, or how much analysis suggested that the vote count may have been manipulated. The jury of the American people had already been tainted by Big Media to believe the narrative that Trump is a sore loser.

The people who have hated President Trump for years now say there is nothing to see with his apparent election defeat. 

Now, let's be clear. It will be a tough reach for the president to get thousands, tens of thousands of votes tossed out. Once a vote is counted it is very difficult to get it tossed. 

But to dismiss any claims of voter fraud, or all questions of voter irregularities is just silly. 

There are still unanswered questions about this election. It used to be the job of the media to try and answers those questions.

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