The Trump campaign's recounts are making the left squirm

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-19-20 7am

The Trump campaign isn’t going to pay 8-million dollars for a recount of the entire state of Wisconsin...but he is going to pay three million dollars for a recount of Milwaukee and Dane counties.

And no, I don’t think it is going to change the state’s results, because a recount is just a recount. If 100-thousand fraudulent ballots were dumped into the system...a recount isn’t going to identify them. It’s just going to ‘count them again’.

But- I do love how annoyed the state and local democrats were, to hear this news.

Their reaction alone, is worth the recount.

And I think I know what trump is doing now. I believe he knows he can’t win this via lawsuit...but he also knows he doesn’t make a transition easy...or Joe Biden’s early presidency easy. After all-they made his a living hell.

And so- what I think is going on here, is that Donald Trump is going to be as difficult and combative as he can be while setting up whatever last minute roadblocks he can set up for any early joe Biden success-

So that Biden doesn’t have the honeymoon period that the Obama/Biden administration denied him with their Russia collusion smear...

And I think that’s what’s going on. And I don’t blame Trump one bit.


He does have to worry about how this might backfire and take all sorts of attention and money away from those two -very critical- Georgia races...

But in terms of making Biden’s transition difficult? Fine. They made his a living hell...and now expect trump to just go away quietly so they on the left can hold fake‘ kumbaya’ and ‘coming together’ moments....

Forget that.

So I love how this riled up the democrats in DC-and democrats like Tom Barrett here in Wisconsin.

Did you see Barrett’s pathetic performance?

He tried to suggest that demanding a recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties was somehow racist.

And he wasn’t the only democrat to do this but he’s one of the most high-profile.

Barrett actually tried to spin this as racist.

It’s simply where the democrats have had permanent control of the communities for decades...and have had the freedom to create ways to cheat and rig votes.

That’s why Trump’s team is targeting Milwaukee and Dane counties. It has nothing to do with race-and everything to with the putrid, immoral political party that is in charge of the elections.

And as one of my twitter followers said, of Barrett: this is the guy who closed polling places in black neighborhoods during the spring election when he was running against a black woman. Lena Taylor was his opponent and so suddenly covid-19 meant that the city couldn’t have a bunch of polling locations in the hood, remember?

And here he is, all sanctimonious, calling trump a racist who is trying to victimize or cheat the black community.

Yet again-we have a democrat accusing republicans of something that-he- actually did.

But...the recounts are due to start tomorrow...and last every day until they are over- except for Thanksgiving, of course.

We’ve talked about a number of these moves on the show-and know them to be true:the Dems holding illegal ballot harvesting events in Madison parks. Hundreds of thousands of people skirting the voter id laws...yep.

Those occurred.

The question is- are the offenses ‘grievous’ enough to have judges tossing out tens of thousands of ballots and potentially changing the results of the election here...

And the answer to that question is almost certainly, ‘no’.

But I am a big fan of having the trump team put these local and state election officials thru every wringer they can an attempt to force cleaner elections the next time.

We -absolutely-need to clean up this democrat fraud- some of which has been going on for over 100 years.Like...dead people voting. Voting from defunct addresses. That sort of thing.

And as these recounts are being done in Milwaukee and Dane county-GOP spotters and Trump officials can stand and watch as each ballot is put back thru the machines...

And can object if they see anything questionable about a ballot.

If they start tomorrow and work each day until it’s done...I can’t see how we don’t know the results before thanksgiving.

This should only take a few days in each county.

And if it means the democrats just keep getting more frustrated and upset as the trump team stretches out these challenges? Tough.

The process that the Trump team is following-is-built right into the constitution and well established early American law.

It’s not like this is unprecedented, or he’s going rogue here.

Al gore had an illegitimate claim to Florida in the 2000 election...and these very same democrats had no problem as he screwed around for 37 days before conceding.

And guess what? During that entire time...most of these dill weeds on the left refused to call George Bush the president-elect.

They played the same semantically games twenty years ago that some trump supporters are playing now:we don’t have a president elect yet. We don’t have a president elect yet.

If you think that’s childish...well. Under the rules of childhood....’they started it’.

In fact, you will find that, if we apply that childish and basic rule of fairness to pretty much any situation or political’s always the democrats who engaged in the dishonest game playing and cheating first.

It was Joe Biden and Teddy Kennedy who first turned Supreme Court nominations into politicized brawls.

It was Harry Reid who first erased the filibuster for presidential nominees...etc.

But then they whine and squeal when they get a taste of their own medicine.

Al gore screwed around for 37 days...and I don’t remember any organized jihad by the left wing media to bully him into conceding after day two…. day twenty....

But the calls were immediate and relentless when it came to Trump.

And if it annoys and infuriates everyone from Tom Barrett and Marc Pocan...up to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden....even better.

That makes it even more fun and rewarding for some of us.

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Trump's WI recount

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