Liberals and Progressive Socialists Are Ruining EVERYTHING

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-17-20 7am

We talked briefly yesterday about how Minneapolis’ crime problems have soared since Ilhan Omar and the twin cities lefties started their ‘abolish the police’ effort.

And still-my friends- you’ve got all sorts of Biden supporters and democrats that are lying about how some of them want to abolish our police departments.

They are trying to reinvent history and continue to cover up the fact that-to this day-their socialist progressive activists want to-abolish-

Not defund-

Abolish- our police departments. Just like the want to abolish ice.

Ilhan Omar has said it repeatedly- and recently: the Minneapolis police department is a cancer that needs to be cut out completely. Abolished. Only then, can a lovely, community wide kumbaya moment occur...

And so far-the Minneapolis city council has agreed to slash the department’s budget a ‘first step’ toward defunding.

This sent a clear signal to the community: this is a lawless city now.

Many officers have left. To the point that the police chief there is having to contract out for officers from other departments just to fill shifts.

And shootings and homicides have leapt 64 percent over the last few years with all sorts of other crime and quality-of- life issues skyrocketing, as well. And for a city its size? Minneapolis has had a very low homicide rate over the years.

This is a city with about 425-thousand people- not including St Paul....which is another 310-thousand that metro area has more people in it than Milwaukee...

And last year? Minn. only had 49 homicides. And St. Paul only 30.

So- just for comparison- the two cities have about 140- thousand more residents than Milwaukee does but had half of the number of homicides last year.... And of course...Milwaukee’s homicide rate is going to be a record number this year...

We conservative talkers used to say ‘liberals ruin everything’....but wow...We need to update that: liberals and socialist progressives ruin everything.

These socialists are 5 times worse than America’s liberals have ever been when it comes to ruining and breaking things.

And if their decisions are so bad that it looks they are intentionally trying to ruin America-they are.

I talked yesterday about a new idea by a socialist alderwoman in Seattle...who wants to decriminalize all misdemeanor crimes for people who, quote...committed them under duress.’

What does that mean?

The alderwoman says it means people who say they committed the crime either because they are poor, or on drugs or alcohol, or have mental problems.

So- under this ordinance- literally-anyone could get away with any misdemeanor crime in Seattle if they just told the judge they were poor, a drug addict, or had a mental problem.

And if you are a poor drug addict with a mental problem they give you a key to the city.

Wow. This is stupid.

But the Seattle city council is-only-made up of liberal and socialist members and so they are rushing to pass this new idea.

Yep. Let’s say you cannot commit a minor crime under duress. You get a total pass.

There are over 100 criminal actions that are considered misdemeanors in Seattle including theft of anything under 750 dollars, but also all sorts of physical and sexual assaults ...and anyone with a simple claim about having a problem in their life...would get a complete pass.

This is inviting chaos and will contribute to the downward spiral that the city of Seattle is already in...

Seattle currently has a ten percent vacancy rate on larger apartments as more and more successful and normal people flee.

This is the same story out of California and New York and Illinois: a sizable exodus of people who simply refuse to put up with their elected officials turning their communities over to the homeless, the drug addicts, and the gangs.

I mentioned yesterday that the state of California decriminalized shoplifting a while ago.

It’s not even a misdemeanor. It’s a ticket able offense...and....

And in the same law the lefties who run California actually cleared the way for retailers to be sued. If they apprehend the thieves themselves.

Really.Shop owners can’t even stop the shoplifters, themselves. This is state law in California, now.

Which means, of course- California is now a state in which shoplifting is legal.

Law enforcement agencies no longer enforce anything. Period.

Police don’t walk private businesses looking for shoplifters....and they don’t have time to run around to calls about shoplifting in progress...

So....California right now...has de-facto ‘legal’ shoplifting.

How do you think that’s going for them?

America’s left-is inviting- lawlessness and chaos to their own communities. Why?

Their moves defy all common sense. So why do they?

Because they want America to fail and burn. They want us, the people, begging for a socialistic style crackdown...and a big Govt. dictatorship.

Why would they be insisting Joe Biden -create-a massive new illegal immigration problem for his own admin and the American people?

And why would Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be dumb enough to support open borders?

Because America’s got to crash and burn.

They have to prove capitalism and traditional American values are ‘unworkable’, right?So they are going to erase them....and watch the country crumble....then call America a failed experiment.

Their push to legalize drugs is also a part of it: look at how homelessness and drug addiction among young people has exploded in Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington...

All of the states that were the first to legalize pot. And now? As of Election Day? The state of Oregon has decriminalized every hard drug imaginable.

This is committing social suicide...

And for what? In the name of kindness? Or as part of a plan to destroy America?

The pro-pothead crowd has always claimed that pot should be legal because it’s not addictive-

Which is crap- of course- but that’s what they claim...

Some percentage of people have a problem with pot addiction just like some percentage of drinkers get addicted to alcohol-

So the claim is crap.

But-that was always the scam they ran to push legal pot: it’s not addictive.

Well-now that they camel’s nose is under the tent....sure enough...these states are moving to legalize much harder-and very addictive-drugs.

These moves are society-killers. And anyone with a brain that hasn’t already been fried on meth...knows it.

Yesterday- Virginia’s governor said he and that legislature need to legalize pot. It’ll mean 300-million dollars in revenue so it’s time...governor blackface said.

And given that the left has so successfully brainwashed our younger generations into believing pot should be legal...

I’m starting to think that the WI GOP should change its tune on legalization...and get ahead of the democrats on it.

But....insist that any revenue generated from pot sales go toward decidedly conservative causes. Make pot legal in a way to fund three to five good, conservative causes.

And then see how much interest the WI lefties have in legalizing it.

Nationwide legalization appears to be coming, anyway, so let’s get ahead of it and lash any revenue raised in Wisconsin to conservative causes and forced property tax relief.

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11-17-20 7am

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