VIDEOS: Half the country doesn't know what really happened in D.C.

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-16-10 7:08am

So much for Joe Biden unifying the country. Neither he, nor anyone who supports him did a single thing to discourage their goon squad from coming out and clashing with Trump supporters and committing violence this weekend.

I genuinely-cannot- believe that Democrat leaders who have been in office for decades and who have always stood up for civility and peaceful protest and the rule of law...have abandoned all of it...and looked the other way on this violence.

Which is -clearly- all from their side of the aisle. This, my friends, is what has me alarmed about our march toward a totalitarian, socialist state, more than anything else: that there is no one on the left, anymore, who is willing to push back on the thuggery and stand up for decency.

What’s Edmund Burke’s old saying? The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Well...there appear to be no ‘good people’ left –

At least not in leadership-

On the left side of the aisle.

Because-what you saw this weekend was tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people show up in Washington DC to rally in support of president trump...

And they held a totally peaceful protest and not a single business was targeted for vandalism. Not a single building or business was looted or burned...because those of us on the right-do-believe in peaceful protest and respecting our fellow Americans...

And so it was a peaceful and positive event until when?

Until the Antifa and BLM idiots showed up to intentionally start trouble.

And the social media this weekend was a flood of videos showing attack after attack of left wing thugs bullying and brutalizing peaceful trump supporters.

Other videos showed the thugs terrorizing nice young families and children: parents who had brought their children out to teach them the traditions of free speech and peaceful protest and exercising your constitutional rights.

Instead...some of those kids were harassed and chased and bullied and terrified....for daring to be part of a positive ‘pro-America’ event.

The actions of Antifa and BLM were again criminal, shameful, and inexcusable...

And once again- the members of the MSM were silent and refused to be honest about who caused the trouble.

And once again....Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and –every single. Democrat leader....stood silent.

Folks...this cannot continue. This simply cannot continue and if the democrats don’t reign-in their attack dogs....we will have another civil war in this country.

President trump reacted to the news of Antifa thuggery by calling them scum. And they are scum.

Have you seen their booking photos?

These people are the weirdest, most mentally ill, most deranged and deviant among us.

And they’d have to order to be involved in these organizations and right now-the democrats are letting them terrorize the country.

And afterward, of course, the accomplice media wanted to invent stories about the proud boys, or white supremacist groups, and how they had caused the trouble- folks-

I defy you to watch the videos posted on social media and claim that any of these people being attacked are white supremacists or proud boys who came spoiling for a fight.

They are all young families, older folks.I saw video of one man probably in his 50s with grey hair get hit hard in the head from behind. He was immediately knocked out and two women then ran up to stomp on his head.

I saw another group of Antifa a-holes terrorizing and old couple probably in their 70s and trying to wrestle a trump/pence flag away from them.

The people in that rally that showed up by the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands ...were not neo-Nazis or proud boys.

We have a left wing accomplice media that is literally making up excuses for why the thug squads on their side of the aisle are being allowed to get away with brutalizing their fellow Americans and acting like a Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro goon squad.

This is what is deeply. Deeply. Concerning to me. Not that we are a divided country with very different rhetoric coming from the two sides-but that we now have one side of the aisle that has decided that they are willing to condone and use violence to get what they want.

If this is where the American left is going-a second civil war is inevitable. Because most Americans aren’t going to put up with it.

It speaks to the new ‘normal’, I guess.

The new normal being: we have two sets of rules in this country now- one for the left wing elites and their supporters......and that all of the rest of us need to follow if we don’t want to be harmed or killed.

This-is-starting to resemble a communist or socialist takeover, my friends.

The earliest signs are showing and one of them is a huge double standard on how people are treated...

And a second is a huge cone of silence around any brutality and thuggery that is performed on the behalf of the ruling class.

But don’t worry...Joe Biden is a healer. He’s going to unify this country.

Just as soon as his goon squads pound everyone else into silence.

And then these pollsters wonder why there is a so-called ‘shy’ trump voter.

And by the way- a few female listeners to the show a few weeks before the election...nailed it: they said...a huge number of these shy trump voters is among suburban women.

These two or three callers were suburban women themselves, and said they were examples of the people who won’t talk politics. Don’t push back when their friends Trump bash.

But- were out there.

I just hope that history gets the trump era correct.

I hope that this alternative reality on the last four years that the left and their MSM accomplices has crafted....doesn’t become the official history of his four years...

Because the left also holds academia hostage, of course.

And very few of us in positions of importance, influence, or power....on the right....are going to be willing to i have...admit....Donald Trump was one of our greatest and most consequential presidents.

I do believe historians will get it right but it’s likely to take decades.

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