It was a huge, historical election for House Republicans

Jay Weber Show transcript 11-13-20 7:10 am

I did a segment earlier about how- yes-a Biden administration is going to be ugly. Even if we can keep control of the Senate. A lot of the ugly executive orders and agency orders that Obama rammed into place that shoved the country to the far left...

And then Trump stripped away- will be reversed again. And other orders unique to trump that had this country safe and secure from foreign enemies and waves of illegal immigration- will be reversed.

And any relative the thanksgiving table who says ‘I didn’t know Biden was going to restart the illegal caravans and stop building the wall needs to be immediately punched in the face.

We are losing-so much-in the way of border and national security if this new clown takes over.

I quoted a Dem congressman from Texas earlier who said the election was a referendum on stopping the wall.

No it wasn’t. Trump did quite well with voters- even Hispanic voters- who live in border counties in Texas and Arizona.

If it was a referendum- the people along the border said: keep building.

And it’s going to be both farcical and see Pelosi, Schumer and these dimwit Dems insist that this election was a referendum on-anything-they were selling to voters.

Yesterday...Schumer and Pelosi spit venom at Trump for not conceding yet...and went on to suggest Biden’s election was a referendum on the democrat’s agenda, on the economy, and on another 3.5-trillion dollar covid-19 package.

Here’s the hag:

She. Is an idiot. An evil idiot.

Again, she tried to blame the covid-19 deaths on trump and how he somehow ‘mishandled’ this epidemic trump and pence moved to take action early...she was calling them racist and encouraging people to flood into China town in big groups. Don’t let trump scare you. Don’t be afraid of covid-19. Come to Chinatown. Kiss a bat.

Whatever her pitch was.

And Biden was doing the same thing. We have it all on tape. Trump and pence were on top of this pandemic. It was the Dems who leapt to play dark political games with it. Because all they ever do is play political games.

What have Pelosi or Schumer-ever done?- that was a positive for this country?


Both have been in leadership positions forever. Name the problems that have faced this country that either of these two ever solved, or helped solve?

You can’t name one. Because their entire strategy is to-not-solve the most pressing problems of the day- so that they can use them as wedge issues in the next election to try to bully, scare, and trick voters.

Neither Pelosi nor Schumer can say that they have ever-genuinely-solved a thing or made America better. It’s all dark, cynical, and sometimes flat out evil-game playing.

And sadly-they have a massive industrial media complex working as their protectors and their propagandists.

Folks-I’ve been detailing for you how god-awful this election was for the democrats. And admittedly-their one win was a big one- if it stands: taking out trump was a big win for them.

But it was the only win.

And I’ve been using articles and information from their own left wing insider blogs and websites to illustrate for you-just how furious they are over the train wreck, the fiasco, the drubbing, the wipeout- that last Tuesday was for them.

And those words are all plucked from the headlines on left-wing websites.

But- as for the accomplices in the MSM?

They are still promoting this as the Dems having a big election night...and pretending the republicans are on the defensive.

Yesterday- GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy held a news conference-and it was as if these reporters had been living in a different universe.

McCarthy -several times-responded to snotty questions by walking reporters thru the real narrative last Tuesday.

It was a huge, historical election for House Republicans. When everything is settled here-they will be within 7 or 8 seats of taking back the majority in the house.

With that few seats to flip-in an off year election- it’s a genuine ‘layup’. It is now -more likely than not- that the Republicans retake control of the house in 2022, folks. And everyone in dc knows it. Including these reporters.

And so- these evil Pelosi minions pretending to be unbiased....were trying to come up with new bogus narratives to smear republicans with.

And i don’t know who it was or who she worked for but some chick kept asking about ‘diversity’. But... When is your party going to get more women and minorities?

Ten days after the election, has anyone heard that every democrat who lost their house seat, lost it to a woman or a minority, or a minority-woman?

I hadn’t heard that- and I watch this stuff closely.

The left wing media simply-refuses- to report any news that runs counter to the left-wing narrative.

In any honest age of journalism-that would be a big story. Two years ago- McCarthy and the Republicans in DC made it a mission to recruit mostly female candidates to run in the most critical races. And virtually all of those women won. It’s huge and historical win for the party.

No coverage.

My friends-this election was-so bad-for Pelosi and the house democrats -and her margin of control is going to be -so thin-

That there’s actually talk of McCarthy and the republicans maybe engineering a coup against Pelosi and pushing her out as speaker.


It’s not going to happen. Let’s put that out there right now: this isn’t likely to happen. It is mostly just the chess match that the political animals and dc insiders love to play...

And the second important point to be made: why would we, as conservatives and republicans? Want to replace Pelosi with a different democrat?

This woman has been the gift that has kept on giving for the GOP for as long as she’s been speaker. She’s the surgically altered face of a pathetic and failing party....and she’s been great for our side of the aisle.

Why would we replace her?

But- lets point out that Pelosi is in so much trouble with her own ‘numbers’ and many of her own caucus members now-that people on both sides of the aisle are saying...’couldn’t we get a few democrats to defect and side with the take the gavel away from this hag?

This is what is going on -in DC- as Pelosi and Schumer and their minions pretend that this election gives them a mandate for-anything.

This election was a clear repudiation of their foolish and indefensible agenda and if they continue to push that agenda...we are going to see a genuine wipe out- in 2022.

And the fun thing is: they-are- likely to keep pushing this green new deal, defund the police, abolish ice, social justice nonsense.

And this democrat disarray over who controls their party and its message are going to continue right into 2022.

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