If Joe Biden is the man he claims to be, then he should welcome an audit

Jay Weber Show transcript 11/10/20 8am

Now that a fuller analysis of Wisconsin’s voting patterns has been done it turns out that all of the efforts to boost voter turnout in the City of Milwaukee fell flat: that roughly the same number of Milwaukee residents who voted in 2016-voted this time around.

So Dane County might have seen an impressive surge in voter turnout- where their local and county election officials were actually engaging in vote harvesting- I’d remind you-

But here in Milwaukee- we saw no such ‘surge’ in voters and it’s got some city leaders admitting: Joe Biden and his campaign just didn’t inspire people.

And yet he won.

How? Well-if you dismiss the claims of cheating- the raw numbers would point to President Trump seeing a power outage among the white suburban voters that helped him win Wisconsin the last time.

Trump did gain about three thousand more supporters in the city of Milwaukee’s urban areas. If he would have fought Biden to tie in the suburbs...or if the two third-party candidates that the Wisconsin election commission blocked had been on the ballot...we might be talking about a different outcome here in Wisconsin.

Still-it wouldn’t be enough to flip the win trump’s way. Not unless he wins some vote fraud lawsuits here.

And i realize -a lot-can get lost in the wash as the never-ending coverage and never-ending claims of new votes coming in and new fraud allegations being tossed around-it’s hard to know where things stand.

So you see how close the vast majority of these states are and yet- the trump legal team would have to find hard evidence of tens of thousands of votes cast illegally in at least Pennsylvania and one other state here....in order to keep the white house. That’s a tall task...

But again yesterday, the president’s top staff pulled his white house and campaign teams together and said we are going to keep fighting these results.

Because-even if the end result is a Trump loss- we need to have, after decades and decades and decades of pretty obvious cheating and sloppiness in some of these states-

We need to have a closer examination of voter fraud and the ways the Dems in these cities and states that they have controlled for decades have built in their cheating schemes.

Some of us have been calling for a serious examination of voter fraud for decades...only to have the leaders of both parties just shrug it off and refuse to even look for it.

The trump legal team has numerous credible accusations of fraud in these states. And if we are serious about holding fair and accurate elections- every one of them should be checked out and either debunked...or verified with prosecutions of the cheaters to follow.

That is the-only way-we are ever going to see fair elections in this country.

And now? If mail-in voting is just adopted by the two sides as the new norm? Well-forget it. We may never see another fair election held in this country again.

But...in Michigan you’ve got very credible reports of software and machine malfunctions in certain counties and Dem controlled areas. Yesterday, a lawsuit was filed in Detroit...complete with affidavits from witnesses who say they saw, or participated in, backdating ballots. Counting ballots without signatures.

Meanwhile- Nevada appears to be the winner in the number of overall-different-cheating schemes that the trump team is collecting evidence on.

Joe Biden allegedly leads in Nevada by 34-thousand votes right now and so nine-thousand fake votes of people who moved wouldn’t be enough to flip the election there if they could be verified...but that number is likely just a sample of the number of former residents of Nevada who had their names and addresses stolen and used by democrats to vote for Biden.

There’s a former attorney general of Nevada who is helping the trump legal effort and says...about 200 -thousand ballots whose signatures were supposed to be verified by living, breathing, humans...were instead...quote...verified by a machine’.

So in Clark county Nevada-which is the only real-deep blue-stronghold in that state...the democrats in charge clearly decided not to follow election laws. Let’s intentionally look the other way...and count any envelope that we are passed that has a ballot in it.

And the mainstream news outlets have-no interest-in investigating or even doing the story. Because they are-left wing accomplices- not reporters.

One of the people who is best expressing the sentiments and frustrations of republican voters right now- is Newt Gingrich- who has been saying flat out: look, we are seeing an election being stolen. And if this isn’t corrected, we’ve lost the republic. It’s a banana republic that is perpetually run by democrats-at best.

Gingrich went on to knock down other questions from the fox hosts by saying, look, the democrats stole what they had to steal. That’s the bottom line here. You don’t need any deeper analysis than that.

And he’s right.

If republicans don’t stop the putrid ‘mail in voting’ method from being adopted as the new normal.

And if they roll over to the serious accusations of vote fraud in these states now....Republicans will never win another nationwide election. The Democrats will have-already- realized their 60 year wet dream of having permanent control of the federal government...if republicans don’t fight-now-when it is the best time to do so. When the fraud is most widespread and evident.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are tossing around hollow claims that they want to unify and get past the division....well...one of the best ways to do that would be to get behind the trump admin’s call for a closer review of these alleged voting discrepancies.

Agree to closer ballot reviews and audits.

That might be a move that-actually shows- Joe Biden is interested in something more than hollow rhetoric.

Heal the nation by proving that this election was held on the up-and-up.

Don’t declare yourself the winner after your accomplices in the media say so...and then try to rush ahead with a transition that might be as illegitimate as the election.

Joe Biden could step up here and say: let the process play out. I agree with the trump team-let’s have a closer audit of the ballots in these states. The American people need to know they have a legitimately elected president.

And you libs in the audience- don’t say ‘Trump would never do that’.

We aren’t talking about trump. We know what trump’s personality is and where he stands. He’s authentic, even if you don’t like him.

We are talking about Joe Biden, who pretends to be a healer. A man who just said on Saturday that he wants the nation to come together and that Trump voters are Americans too, and not his enemy or his party’s enemy.

If Biden wants us to believe that that’s more than the hollow clichés that it is....then agree to a closer audit of votes in these critical states.

Put your legacy where your clichés are.

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