I'm Convinced, The Trump's Legal Team Should Go The Distance.

Jay Weber transcript 11/9/20 7:05am

So...the left wing accomplices in the MSM have moved on- to claiming that Joe Biden is the president-elect....and they did so...largely because they had no desire to wait for an actual conclusion to the race.

In 2000 this same media gave al gore 37 days before they declared George Bush the winner.

And to this day-Stacey Abrams still hasn’t conceded that she lost a gubernatorial election by 53-thousand votes in Georgia...and the media has been ‘more than’ okay with that.

But they couldn’t wait to declare Joe Biden the winner and start pushing for Donald Trump to concede. Every attempt by the trump campaign to challenge what are-very questionable-polling results in several states...is being met with derision and claims he’s a sort loser by the members of the glitterati press.

These democrats and their media accomplices have been so ugly and demeaning and nasty over the last four days...I’m hoping against hope against hope...that the trump legal team can find some reason to flip Pennsylvania and one of these other states...and hand trump the election.

After all-

Democrats never- never- accept the will of the people or the actions of our duly elected GOP leaders....all they ever do is run to court in order to try to get their way...

So i think it would be great payback if-somehow-the trump legal team could engineer a legal win in court.

But on Saturday- all of the networks and the associated press decided to go ahead and call the election for Biden...before the counting was over in either Penn or Nevada. They were just bored with the stand-off, i guess.

And as Mark Levin quickly stated: the media doesn’t decide the winner. The process does. And this process is not over.

The trump campaign already has several lawsuits going in various states and is expected to file more today.

And so, for now, the trump team is refusing to accept a Biden victory...as they should...

And they have vowed that president trump-will- concede defeat and honor the peaceful transition of power -but only after the legal wrangling is done.

The reports of fraud and game playing and bad software and people voting who are either dead or have moved out of state...are too credible not to take them seriously.

I’m with newt Gingrich, who said on Friday: we are seeing an election stolen...because the left thinks they can bully all of us into accepting it quietly..

And i agree with David Limbaugh who says...if we agree that this sloppy mail-in voting process is now the way we are going to do elections...republicans will never win another race.

I agree with that, too, and have been insisting that America should never. Never. Ever. Allow for mail in voting.

Well- it’s another ‘told you so’ moment that brings me no satisfaction.

This-absolutely-looks like an election being stolen to me. Because it involves states that have been famous for election fraud schemes for 50 years: Michigan and Penn, in particular.

And i am certain that, in a perfect world, in which everything went perfectly and every citizen who had the legal right to vote really only cast one vote with no vote fraud or game playing...

I am certain that Trump won the election.

The problem is- neither party has ever been willing to actually take a close look and acknowledge the fraud...and insist on fair and credible elections.

And so I hope the trump team takes their legal challenges to the limit-and comes up with all sorts of concrete evidence of real vote fraud.

The infuriating problem is that we no longer have an honest MSM that’s interested in investigating and digging to get the truth. At least not if their side of the aisle benefits from a cover up. And they shouldn’t even have a side of the aisle. They should be fair and unbiased.

They appeared to have a growing amount of it cataloged, already, this weekend.

Saturday’s agreement that they would all declare Joe Biden the winner was a naked attempt to silence republicans and bull rush the country past any closer examination of this election.

Absolutely. That’s what it was. Because....on the ground...in the contested states...nothing had changed since Friday.

But ABC, NBC, CBS and associated press all decided to just call the race, anyway, and give Nevada and Penn to Joe Biden...and fox news quickly went along with it.

Even if the chances of success for trump are slim because his legal challenges would have to be successful in several states- I still hope that he and the GOP take it to the limit.

And every time a Jake Tapper or a Chuck Todd whine that Trump won’t concede- we should scream two names at them: Al Gore and Stacy Abrahams.

Abrahams, that fat, gap toothed, clown fart...never has conceded to her clear loss two years ago. I don’t hear them pressing her to admit her failure.

And Al Gore and his legal team got 37 days to argue over hanging chads and other nonsense that we, the voters, knew were nonsense.

Al gore never had a genuine beef. But he got over a month to make his case and have the Supreme Court decide it.

So far-it has been six days since an election that was conducted in a -very- slap dash and controversial way and with the growing list of instances of alleged fraud or ballot handling....team trump-absolutely-should push this to the legal limit.

If nothing else-they should push the case in Penn all the way to the supreme court so they can rule and make it clear that a state court-no matter how powerful- cannot just change the election laws in a state on their own...like the Penn supreme court did, or like a weasly little judge out in western Wisconsin tried to do.

Why are we passing election laws, if the Supreme Court members are doing to decide on their own to rewrite them on a whim?

And it was a few years ago that i detailed for the audience how the democrats in Penn were stealing control of that court in a bold and inexcusable way....so that they’d have a liberal majority to rig that state in favor of democrats...

And look where we are now.

Listen to Rudy Giuliani. Who is in Penn working with trump’s legal team….He held an n/c on Saturday and said...what is going on in this state?

Giuliani said he wasn’t blaming the people of penny He should be. They’re the ones who keep returning these scummy Democrats to power.

Folks-the liberal cheating won’t stop unless, we, the voters- insist it stop. And in these big cities that have been dominated by democrats for 60 to 100 years...the system has been rigged to the point that it’s almost impossible to turn a democrat out of office. No matter how terrible they are or how screwed up their city is.

For as long as I have been alive. More Americans have identified themselves as democrats than as Republicans. And so it’s not impossible to believe that they really did have the high volume turnout that they did-especially when most simply voted by mail and they didn’t have to ‘turn out’ anywhere.

And until 2016...WI, MI, and Penn voted democrat every single. Time in presidential elections...dating back to Reagan.

So it’s also not impossible to believe that they have simply reverted back.

But I- and all of us-I’d hope- want fair and accurate elections. We want to know that there was no cheating involved instead of being told that the obvious cheating we are seeing...doesn’t amount to anything.

Well, it’s not enough to tip the election...is not reassuring. Especially coming from the mouths of Dems and their accomplices in the media.

That’s not reassuring. That’s excuse making. That’s downplaying and covering up.

And it’s been going on-forever-in these Dem states and democrat dominated areas.

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