Trump wins with 31 states and 314 electoral votes-Jay Weber

My is the TV ad that the trump campaign is calling its closing statement. The visuals are stunning and show a shining, patriotic America...and here are the words.

Donald trump might have run a questionable second term campaign...but he closed-very-strong.

I’m finally feeling good about a trump win. The polls and pundits have been telling two-very-different stories.

We are living in a Mars-versus-Venus country...and it has never been easier to only exist in the political bubble in which you’d like to exist. We have two sides of the political aisle that insist on playing with two different sets of facts-

And only one set can be correct, of course-

And so it has never been more difficult to try to predict what is going to happen in a modern election.

And i still don’t make this prediction with a high level of certainty...but the events of the last two weeks of this campaign have me feeling better about a second trump win.

I’ve been telling friends-off air- that I believe it will be an enthusiasm gap that will hurt

Joe Biden in the end...and now I’m willing to make the prediction on air.

Having seen early mail-in totals that even democrat strategists are worried about- I believe I will be correct in predicting this: I think the difference in this race will be that...once again...there is going to be a bit of a power outage on the left side of the aisle.

Hillary Clinton could not excite a bunch of Obama-era voters to come out and vote for her, and I believe we will see the same thing with Joe Biden.

Yes-he will get a higher number of votes than Hillary got in 2016...but it won’t match the numbers Obama got in 2012-and Biden needs at least 2012 numbers to win. I don’t see Biden getting the 90 percent of the black vote or the 75 percent of the Hispanic vote that he needs to win, either.

The minority voters aren’t going to be there to boost Biden, nor will the army of young voters that helped Obama get into office twice.

This is my prediction for the race tomorrow...after seeing a closing two weeks in which open enthusiasm for trump only grew...and open apathy toward Biden grew as well.

Did you see the crowd Donald trump got in Pennsylvania on Saturday evening?

Holy cow.

I have-genuinely-never seen anything like it in 30 years of watching politics. Even Obama didn’t get crowds that size.

I believe the president is going to win with even more electoral votes than he did in 2016, too. I believe he will win Minnesota...which is at least ten more....and maybe one or two other ones.

But, I’m going to say....314 electoral votes.

This is my prediction after seeing the closing weekend-and all of the closing polls narrowing. Some were very positive-

Like the Des Moines register poll now having trump up seven in Iowa...

Other polls where the crappy network polls like CNN and Fox news-still showing Biden up but by narrower margins.

And yes-we’ve had about 60 percent of the country vote early...but I sense a small tsunami of trump supporters hitting the polls tomorrow.

Because as Newt Gingrich says- this election is about nothing less than freedom versus tyranny.

Gingrich is even more bullish than i am, suggesting a landslide Trump win with 324 electoral

Newt too, says, Americans who care about the future of their country, and its traditions and freedoms...need to get out and vote tomorrow.

If you claim to be a conservative or a libertarian. If you claim to support America’s values, constitution, and freedoms-

There is really no excuse not to vote tomorrow. And that includes the sliver of people in this audience that still might consider themselves Never-Trumpers.

If you can’t come off of the sidelines in a moment such as this-when your country really needs you-

I’m sorry. That’s pathetic.

If you can’t put aside your moral or ethical purity tests...and realize that a vote for Trump is for the good of the country...and you can’t make what is-clearly- the better of two choices...then that’s pathetic.

And it would be one thing of Donald Trump had just been the typical ‘caretaker’ president...but this man has moved the most consequential and conservative agenda in our lifetimes-and done far, far more than any of us could have imagined in that regard. He has ‘righted’ our foreign policy and re-exerted American strength abroad after 8 years of Obama showing weakness and leaving power vacuums for China and Russia to fill.

Team trump has managed four important Middle East peace agreements-and counting. My god, what a win.

And here at home- he created the greatest economy, by any measure, in the modern era. Even beating Reagans in most measures.

The Pittsburg post-gazette endorsed trump this weekend...and it is the first time the paper endorsed a republican since 1972.

This was big-in the most important battleground state. The Post-Gazette endorsed a republican for the first time in nearly 50 years

This is the type of election i think this will be. I believe you will see more Dem cross-over voting than expected. More silent independent and undecided voting crossing over than expected, and it will amount to something total unexpected: an even larger trump win than in 2016.

Donald trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan to- so obviously- put the American people first, and I believe a silent majority of us recognize it, and appreciate it.

I always figured the polls would close in the final weeks-but president trump has been on a genuine roll since the final presidential debate, when the American people -finally-got a longer look at Joe Biden.

He was an insincere fraud of a politician for 50 years in DC and is still using the same old puffy, gauzy, hollow arguments that he always has.

He was in over his head in that final debate and the undecided voters or reluctant trump voters saw it.

In addition- every event since that last debate has cut in favor of trump and against Biden-

Chief among them-the Biden crime family story.

Folks-do you realize that-for the first time this weekend-ABC and CNN both did segments that admitted...Hunter Biden’s a slippery scumbag and that he-at least-was selling the Biden family name?

The dam on the story might be breaking too late to affect the election outcome- CNN hopes- but they can no longer ignore the story.

Then you have a renewal of rioting in Philly and Portland.

We had the tremendous 33 percent jump in GDB reported last Thursday.

We had a reminder about how safe from terrorism America has been under trump. No high profile domestic they are seeing in France again.

And probably the biggest single event that started tipping the undecided and hold out voters over to Trump: Joe Biden admitting that his agenda-and the democrat agenda-is to kill off the fossil fuel industry.

You could practically see the winds change....the day after the debate.

It’s almost as if the sliver of Americans who are going to decide this election were waiting around for a final sign that four more years of trump would be better than taking a flier on Joe Biden and they got their that final debate.

Oh...Joe Biden’s the same boob he always was...but even more frail and fumblie than he’s ever been.

My prediction: Trump wins with 31 states and 314 electoral votes...

But don’t let my optimism keep you from doing your civic duty. This is just a guess. Get out and vote tomorrow. Vote.

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