Donald Trump is an historically great President

Jay Weber Show transcript 9-14-20 8:05 am

I said earlier, these middle east peace deals that Trump is cutting-absolutely, cements Donald Trump has having the most successful and consequential first term-ever-in the history of modern era presidents and perhaps any US president.

This cements Trump, by any past and historical standard as a truly great president, already.

And no president has been treated so poorly.

Several weeks ago, the Trump team announced a shockingly positive trade and peace deal between Israel and the UAE.

Last week- they announced a peace and trade deal between Kosovo and Serbia that normalizes and heals relationships after a two decades or more...following the Clinton era war.

Then, Friday, the announcement of a third peace deal-this one between Israel and Bahrain.And as I said earlier...that deal, in particular, hints at what could be to come...

Because there is no way Bahrain agrees to a peace and trade agreement with Israel unless they got Saudi Arabia’s blessing first.

Peace is blooming all over the Middle East-and the Trump administration is responsible for it.

And any other u-s president would be hailed as a hero for getting any one of these deals done.

Instead, the democrats and their accomplices in the media spent the weekend continuing to trash Trump. And Pelosi and Joe Biden were the worst offenders.

Joe Biden spent the weekend telling his supporters that Trump just mistakenly blundered into these deals....

Which is idiotic, of course...

But Biden probably felt like he had to safe face after last Thursday’s declaration that trump was making Israel and the Middle East less safe.

Folks-last Thursday- Biden was insisting that trump’s maneuvers in the Middle East had made Israel less safe.

Then on Friday- about 12 hours later- the white house announces this new Israel/Bahrain peace deal.

Joe Biden couldn’t have looked like a bigger jackass.And I assume that’s why he adopted the truly foolish retort that, ‘well, Trump is just blundering into these things’...

Think about how ugly, and bitter, and black-hearted, and dishonest you need to be- in order to dismiss regional peace in the Middle East-as ‘a distraction’. But here she is.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi: Trump Securing Peace Deals In Middle East Is ‘A Distraction’

What. A bitter. Witch.

She just tries to shift the interview back to making her fraudulent talking points on covid-19.

Folks-the democrats are convinced that Bob Woodward’s revelation that president trump downplayed covid-19 has moved the numbers.

We will see if the polling data shifts again this week after two or three weeks of edging in trump’s favor...

But the beltway lefties and their strategists are apparently-rock solid convinced-that Woodward’s revelation has solidified Joe Biden’s win.

And I know they are spinning it as trump lying and people dying...but it’s overblown. There’s no scandal there.

The president didn’t want to overly alarm Americans so he didn’t share every single scary, alarming prediction of piece of information that washed thru the white house. Big deal. No president does.

And I know it doesn’t fit the narrative-but he and pence -were- on top of this. And again this weekend, Dr. Fauci and Trump’s CDC and FDA officials confirmed: the president did not lie to the American people. He did not under react to the covid-19 pandemic.He was not telling the American people something different than what we were talking about-and facing-behind the scenes.

This is a non-scandal.

But the Dems are convinced this Woodward attack has moved the needle to the point that it can solidify a Biden win if they just hammer on it over the next several weeks.

And so that’s why you hear Pelosi making herself sound like an she dismissesa historic move toward middle east peace as a ‘distraction’ so that she can work in more cheap shots related to covid-19.

If the American people buy this-we really are living in a nation of idiots.

But I’m with Michael Goodwin on this one: I think these democrats are sounding like such lairs and fools that they are damaging their own brand, here.

Goodwin’s piece in the NY post yesterday addressed the sort of international damage these democrats are doing as they reject the legitimacy of the trump presidency.

The Democrats’ partisan damage: Goodwin


And four years later- we have the speaker of the house and the democrat’s presidential candidate both claiming Middle East peace is no big deal...and trump just blundered into it, anyway.

Who believes that? They sound like complete idiots.

The international world knows how huge these agreements are...but trump’s fellow Americans are calling them mistakes or blunders.

It’s very disappointing and it-does delegitimize and destabilize American authority around the globe.

The American left was-truly-embarrassing this weekend, my friends.The lefty pundits were calling for an end to the Nobel peace prize-rather than give it to Trump.

The magazine that invented one of the latest trump smears-the Atlantic- insisted it was time to end the peace prize- rather than give it to Trump.

As Monica Showalter put it:

Peace breaking out all over from Trump, and the left is going haywire

Folks...the democrats have been caught off-guard, and trump is gobbling up all of the issues that they thought they had an advantage on.From foreign affairs, to racial matters, to more covid-19 relief.

And the left has nowhere to turn anymore-other than to lying. Theirs has been a campaign of incredible dishonesty and deception. Both about their own Trojan horse socialist agenda-and in maligning trump’s accomplishments.

I’ve never seen so much dishonesty in a presidential campaign-and that’s really saying something.

I said this earlier-and i absolutely mean it: Donald Trump has had a historically great first term.

Heck-I was saying this two years ago- after his massive tax cutting and deregulating and how he had changed the game internationally with Iran and North Korea-early in, I started calling trump the plate spinner, and marveling at how he could have five or six issues spinning and percolating at one he moved them all forward, and once one was resolved...great. That’s a win....

He’d find another issue. And start that plate spinning.

I have never seen anything like it-and our presidency has never seen anything like it.

It was apparent to me a few years ago that we were living thru one of the most consequential and successful presidential terms-ever.

Not just in the modern era-but ever.

And now-four years later- and as we look to re-elect this man if we can...

I can say-flat out. No exaggeration. No hyperbole needed: Donald Trump has been the greatest president of my lifetime.

And he has done it all- with very little help from congress...and with an unprecedented and relentless flood of attacks against him.

We have seen-a historically great president here, my friends. Even if he doesn’t get a second term. But let’s work harder than ever to make sure he does.

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