It's shameful how quickly MKE leaders have turned on Chief Morales

Jay Weber Show transcript 7-29-20 8:08am

Boy...if you are someone who has crossed the left wing mob in one of America’s big cities now don’t expect anyone in these Dem controlled governments to come to your defense.

Even if you had been a lefty-in-good-standing or in our case, even if you are the Milwaukee police chief that the democrat mayor has said he supports...and the fire and police commission just gave a four year contract.

The speed with which the mayor, the alderman, and the fire and police commission have turned on chief Alfanso Morales is alarming.

One moment he was ‘their guy’. The next he was ‘persona non-grata’.

No one is coming to this chief’s defense because it is fashionable to hate cops and embrace the anarchy of antifa and BLM right now.

Chief Morales is being harassed at home by protestors, and railroaded out of his job at work, and not a single one of these shameless Democrats is coming to his defense.

And the person who should be labeled as the most shameful-is Mayor Tom Barrett.

What a pathetic, weak disappointment he has turned out to be. In the age of BLM.

A few hundred people hold a few anti-cop protests and he totally caves.Won’t defend his chief, or his department and instead goes into hiding.

Tom Barrett finally commented on the fire and police commission railroading Morales out of this job...and Barrett did nothing to defend the chief.

Instead- he made Morales the scapegoat.

Barrett said what he wanted out of the chief was a plan to reduce the violence in Milwaukee. Violence that has skyrocketed recently due to the protesting and looting that Barrett and these alderman and members of the fire and police commission support.

Their silence on the lawlessness and violence is -absolutely-tacit support of it and their refusal to stand up for chief Morales is pathetic.

Over the last several nights, Morales-haters have been holding disruptive protests in front of the chief’s house- taking over the entire street and holding what are being labeled protest parties.

They’re really just an excuse to grill and party and drink out on the street...and play super-loud music as they harass Morales and his family- in their home and they lastlate into the early morning hours, of course.

Yes and he doesn’t have the support of the city’s leaders.

Chief Morales could resign today and nothing would change...would it?

Can any one of these morons at city hall who call themselves alderman? Could the mayor? Could any one of the putrid fire and police commission members- say that Milwaukee’s policing will improve once chief Morales is gone?

No. they can’t.

If they did-they’d be lying.

Because Morales isn’t the problem. In fact, he’s been a very good chief.

The truth is- a radical left wing movement has reared its ugly head-and instead of stand up to it and defend the residents of this city-

Instead of doing their jobs and protecting the community from looting, rioting, and bullying-

These city officials have instead, decided to cower under their desks.

They have decided that if the violent mob wants Morales...we’ll give them Morales...then, maybe, they will be appeased.

But they won’t be appeased and anyone with half a brain should know it.Milwaukee’s city leaders are acting like cowards-Tom Barrett-chief among them.

And I love that over 100 low enforcement agencies have now pulled out of their agreements to help police the DNC.

I am loving this story.

Because their need to be consequences when foolish leaders like Barrett and the alderman and the members of the fire and police commission make idiotic decisions-

Such as- we aren’t going to allow police officers to defend themselves and disperse riots by using the best tools we have for it.

Yesterday- we knew that three or four local departments had backed out of their agreements to send officers to help with DNC crowd control.

West Allis, Franklin, and Fond du Lac at least with Waukesha considering it.

Well-that number ballooned to over 100 agencies pulling out. Chief Morales broke that news yesterday while saying yep, it’s because Milwaukee leaders are putting them in undue danger with their foolish decisions.

We can guess.

The request that was put out nationally was for at least one-thousand additional officers to help out during that long weekend.Several of these local departments were planning on sending ten or twelve officers to help out.

let’s assume thatnational departments would be less generous-but were agreeing to send, on average,just three officers to help out.

That would already be one-third if the desired police presence-gone. Wouldn’t it?

Even if these 100 departments were only sending 3 officers each- one third of Morales’ expected crowd control help has vanished. And I am guessing the actual number is higher than that.

We are told ‘more than 100 departments’ backed out. That could easily be-500 officers-that aren’t coming now.

And tell me that this news isn’t going to be viewed as a big invitation for antifa and BLM to descend on Milwaukee.

Their organizers were already vowing to do so but if the America-hating socialist hordes know ahead of time that any police presence will be light?

This could be a very serious turn of events for the city of Milwaukee and its leaders.

So-does Mayor Barrett have a plan for that? Does the fire and police commission?

Because Alphonso Morales should tell them to go screw themselves and retire.

photo credit: Fox 6 news

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