The fear of dying is stopping us from enjoying our lives

We are not this earth to pay bills and taxes.

Humans are, by design, meant to enjoy our lives. This is why art exists. This is why people vacation. This is why we eat chocolate. Joy is supposed to be a part of our everyday.

But under the coronavirus, that has not happened.

We are told to stay at home, stay away from friends, stay away from loved ones. In many places people cannot go out to eat, no one can go to a ball game, and the Happiest Place On Earth (Disneyland) remains closed.

Jason Whitlock so accurately summarizes that the fear of death is stopping us from living our best lives.

He writes that as the country becomes more secular, the country is moving more toward fear-based decisions.

Whitlock says we are sacrificing better lives for our young people out of fear for those who've already lived their lives.

The world is a risky and sometimes scary place. But it is also full of wonder and joy. We simply have to decide to see those aspects, and live from them, as opposed to living just to survive.

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