Democrats have declared open season on Trump supporters

Jay Weber Show Transcript 7/27/20 7:08am

Democrats have declared open season on Trump supporters

The story of this Black Trump supporter shot dead in front of his own store....amidst his ‘Trump for president’ mortifying.

And from what i could tell it has gotten no coverage in the traditional national media outlets.

This is a story that the NY times and wash post and the hacks at CNN and MSNBC, ABC, CBS are going to ignore because it doesn’t fit into their false narrative.

Their fake narrative is that it is trump supporters who are the intolerant, violent ones and it is the lefties who are enlightened and peace loving.

But that’s never the case, is it?

Nearly every mass shooter...turns out to be a liberal.Nearly every unstable kook that the media rushes to label a conservative or a trump supporter....later turns out to be some left wing crackpot.

We are seeing left wingers impose violence and rioting on America’s big cities night, after night, after night.

It’s not Trump supporters and conservatives who are rioting or beating or shooting people in the streets.

But apparently this man’s visible Milwaukee’s black community...was enough to get him murdered.

And the MKE police are not definitively saying Bernell Trammell was shot over his Trump signs...but what else could it be?

He was a 60 year old man who-by all accounts from his friends and neighbors-was just a lovely man.

Republicans say Milwaukee murder may be linked to support for Trump

Until he picked up a trump sign.Suddenly, someone couldn’t tolerate that.

I’ll keep most of my powder dry....until i hear what the Milwaukee PD says the motive was...but...I’ll be surprised if it isn’t linked to Trammell’s pro-trump position.

This is another tragic end to someone who dared to support president trump in a high profile way.

There are far, far too many of these stories and the MSM ignores them all. We have seen videos-for years-of trump supporters being chased and they left trump campaign events or because they had a MAGA hat on or because they voiced their opinion at an antifa rally.

And those incidents-never-get media coverage.

Here’s another story of a black trump supporter who was seriously wounded for supporting trump.

This happened in Portland: a Black Trump supporter was stabbed by an antifa member.

Black Trump supporter stabbed by Antifa militant in Portland riot speaks out

So at least he will pay for the crime.We hope.

But most of this brutality doled out against trump supporters and conservatives goes uncharged. The thugs just get away with it.

Look at how the Madison police still don’t have anyone in custody for attacking and seriously injuring Senator Tim Carpenter

This is a small protest community in Madison. We have photos of the bullies who did it.

Do we have any arrests? Do any of the ‘peaceful protestors’ feel the need to turn in the thugs because they reflect poorly on ‘the cause’?


The thugs are protecting their own...and then pretending to be non-violent and the accomplice media gives them cover on that inanity.

As I said earlier: we are seeing left wingers impose violence and rioting on America’s big cities night, after night, after night.

It’s not trump supporters and conservatives who are rioting.

The last time the right organized mass protests it was the tea party movement....and every protest was peaceful. The protestors respectful of our parks and monuments.

And we had a list of demands and issues that we could clearly articulate.

These BLM and antifa thugs are just in it to create anarchy and ruin America. They aren’t respectful have been doing all sorts of property damage and beating people in the street.

And they still- months later -don’t have a clear list of demands.

The demands that they-do have- are stupid and unworkable:end border patrol.

No. that’s idiotic. What else do you have?

Release all prisoners.

No. that’s also idiotic. What else?

These rioters who claim to be protestors don’t even have a genuine set of reforms they’d like to see.

This is all about stirring the pot and keeping Americans angry and agitated for the next 100 days.

We are now about 100 days away from the election and the Democrats have decided that most Americans are going to blame Trump for the fact that the Dems are aiding the rioters and looters-and will vote him out of office.

It’s all about whipping the American people into a frenzy....

As predicted-this ‘trump is putting troops into the big cities in order to prepare for his military coup’....has only spread over the last few days.

Fueled mostly by the CNN and MSNBC talking heads.

Greg-rack up the clip of this chick on MSNBC who is the latest to forward this. As serious analysis.

I don’t know her name and i don’t care to. It’s some indoctrinated idiot that MSNBC hosts have scare their viewers.



And if Trump can’t steal the election. He’s got his storm troopers in place for a forced takeover.

They are trying to get middle Americans to buy this bologna.

And of all of the hysterical foolishness the left and their media accomplices have tried to sell us- this ‘Trump won’t leave office’ canard”

Of course he will.

The second dumbest canard is: trump won’t accept the election results if he loses.


Whether he does or doesn’t he and Melania are out on their ear...on January 20th.

What does it even mean when these Dems like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton say Trump ‘won’t accept’ the election results?

What does it matter-if he doesn’t?

If trump loses and ‘doesn’t accept the results’....then he’s just...Hillary Clinton.Correct?

Then we move his crap out of the white house...his staffers evaporate on inauguration day.....and the rest of the country moves on.

If Trump loses and can’t accept it then at worst....he’s Hillary Clinton or Stacey Abrams: wandering around for years on-end telling anyone who will listen that he really won.

Okay but no one cares, Donald.

No one cares that Hillary hasn’t accepted her loss...

And Stacey Abrams is openly mocked for claiming she’s the rightful governor of Georgia.

Nope. Sorry, you lost by 53-thousand votes. If you can’t admit that- that’s your problem.Georgia and America- have moved on.

This whole hysterical handwringing over how Trump won’t leave-is super-idiotic.

Of course he will.Don’t be such a gullible believe otherwise.

In fact-you should be more worried about Joe Biden and the Democrats not being willing to accept the results of the election.

After all-we’ve seen Al Gore hold the country hostage for weeks because he wouldn’t accept the results...and we’ve seen Hillary Refuse to accept the results and Obama’s team try to rig a smear that would end the trump presidency before it ever got going.

If we are going to talk about which side has a history of not honoring election results it’s the Democrats.

There’s a bigger chance that Joe Biden won’t honor November’s results...than Trump won’t.

Photo credit and update from our friends at Fox 6 News ‘Somebody ambushed him:’ Friends mourn man who practiced what he preached, fatally shot in Riverwest

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