The media and the Democrats don't want these riots to stop

Jay Weber Show transcript 7/22/20 7:08

Here’s a fun story: a smaller liberal city in California painted ‘black lives matter’ on one of their streets...until a trump supporter asked for the same consideration to paint MAGA 2020 in a comparable street.

Suddenly, city leaders in Redwood City...backed down.

See- Mayor DeBlasio or the mayors of these big cities might not care if they put their taxpayers on the hook for big legal right wing groups sue over Govt officials using public property for their propaganda.

That’s one way to fight liberal activists masquerading as public officials: demand the same considerations for your side....and be willing to take them to court over it.

Meanwhile-the question of whether president trump should send federal agents into the large cities to quell riots that the mayors of those cities are condoning...continues to percolate.

Here’s White House press sec Kayleigh McEnamy yesterday....denouncing both Portland and Seattle mayors for refusing to stop riots and protect their own citizenry and property. Including the federal buildings there...which is what the president sent agents into Portland to protect.

Mark Levin said yesterday: i can assure you that if the tea party had been rioting every night, defacing government property, beating police and citizens, shutting down city blocks. And would have been talking about overthrowing government....thee would be a very, very different reaction from these democrat hypocrites and frauds.

Of course there would be.After 55 days of nightly rioting in some of these cities...

And after escalating crime and murder rates that have accompanied is clear that these left wing leaders have no interest in stopping the violence.

Neither the media, nor the democrats, want these riots to stop.Why?

Do they really all hate America that much and consider this the tipping point?

Do they believe that we are months away from plowing under capitalism and the constitution in favor of a socialist system?

Or is it more about the short term goal of trying to get trump out of office by fomenting all sorts of unrest that-they believe-the American people will blame Trump for?

For most of these morons ...both in government...and in the media. It is probably the latter: their short term goal is to get Trump out of office and they believe the American people will blame him for the riots and unrest.

And hey-if they don’t-at least the riots keep these cities from really reopening and being productive and contributing to an economic comeback.

That is likely the equation, here.

And it is why i am certain Trump makes a mistake if he sends in federal officers against the will of the mayors and governors of those cities and states.Trump should make it clear: I will respond immediately to any request for help in ending this rioting but otherwise...they are on their own. These incompetent, radical mayors seem to enjoy seeing their city burn.

And if the local residents are terrified and want law and order- fight back.Pressure them to call out the National Guard...and vote for republicans in fall...and in the next local elections.

Trump should not offer himself up as a convenient scapegoat...or someone to blame when we enter November and these riots are still raging. If he promises to restore law and order now...and the protestors and rioters only double down...then trump will own the lawlessness come November.

As it is- Ted Wheeler in Portland is using the few federal officers trump has in that city-as an excuse to blame the rioting on someone other than himself..

Even though-he-Wheeler-has bowed to Antifa for years now...and has only supported and excused away these nightly violent protests.

He let them go for 50 days and made excuses...on day 51...suddenly it was Trump’s fault: the city was calming until trump sent in his troops....Mayor Wheeler is now saying.

What a crock of crap. But that’s what the entire left wing is selling now.And our best hope now-is that these liberal extremists and their democrat leaders overplay their hand...and that the American people are watching.

And I believe-both of those things are happening.

For example-The rhetoric around this action by trump is unhinged. Completely unhinged.

Listen to a liberal Black lawmaker, Gregory Meeks, claiming that Donald Trump has a Stormtrooper squad because he’s modeling the behavior of his buddies, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN...


That is the sort of idiotic and inflammatory rhetoric that reasonable Americans on both sides of the aisle roll their eyes over.That’s just character assassination.....thinly veiled as commentary.

As is this next clip.This one from an actual talking head that MSNBC pays for his incredible insights.This is NBC’s John Heileman...on morning joe yesterday...suggesting that you know.... Donald Trump is moving federal troops into the cities so that when he loses the election. He can take control and rule-by force.

Listen to this unhinged crappola....forwarded as analysis....that you know CNN and MSNBC viewers are going to take seriously.

MSNBC's Heilemann: Federal Response To Portland Protests A "Trial Run" For Trump To "Potentially Through Force... Steal The Election"

That is an unhinged MSNBC pundit inventing a conspiracy real time:you know, Trump is moving troops into the big cities so he can grab control and be a dictator if he loses the election.

Wow. That is some crazy, outrageous, and irresponsible stuff...and MSNBC just puts it out there and leaves it hanging. As if this is real punditry. A serious analysis of the day’s events.

And what do you bet that this narrative spreads like wildfire?

I’m sure it already is. By the end of the week, it will be an article of faith on the left that this is trump’s real plan.

It will be whispered from crackpot to crackpot: you know...Trump’s putting troops in place for his takeover...

And the idiocy will feed on mainstream reporters will be demanding that president trump Answer the question: is he moving troops into the cities to have them in place ...for when he officially moves to become a dictator?

They will be treating this idea as serious.

Is America a few months away from a constitutional crisis because trump won’t leave???

no scenario is too crazy for those with Trump Derangement Ebola.

And they are spiraling way, way out of control.

But the American people are watching. And the so-called silent majority- are processing all of they consider their vote in fall.

I just wish we had an honest media that would report on it all so the American people could see it more clearly.

Could see Joe Biden’s -truly extreme- platform more clearly.

Could see what fraudulent and feckless games Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are playing...more clearly.

It’s going to be nothing but virtue signaling and show votes and cheap political games between now and November- and everyone on the east coast....and on both sides of the aisle knows it.

Listen to Senator Tim Scott. The black senator from South Carolina who put forth a genuine effort to pass a police reform package that includes items that 86 percent of members of both sides agree on....

Scott said yesterday:the other side of the aisle is devoid of leadership.


Tim not...a hyper partisan. He does not routinely criticize or attack his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. He is not a bomb thrower. He is one of the classiest and most sincere members of congress....

And so when he says: the democrats are displaying no leadership...only cheap know it’s bad.

And the American people had- better- be watching...and noting which side of the aisle is condoning violence, anarchy, and an America-hating agenda

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