The biggest lie of 2020

The biggest lie of the past 10 years used to be "If you like your doctor, you can keep them."

But President Obama's less-than-truthful sales pitch for Obamacare is nothing compared to the lie we are being told in 2020.

For the better party of two months, we've been told that peaceful protests have been occurring across the United States.

While some of the people who took to the streets after George Floyd's death may have been protesting, they were never really that peaceful. And things have gotten much worse since then.

Over the weekend we watched on TV as black-clad Antifa members attacked Chicago Police to try and destroy the city's statue of Christopher Columbus. In Seattle the same black-glad thugs smashed windows and looted. Portland is under siege from the same forces. Armed bands of riots have been trying to break into the federal courthouse in Portland for almost two months.

But to see the big newsrooms, this is nothing more than Fist Amendment speech. It is, according to some, the federal government's fault. President Trump is escalating the violence.

The modern anti-Trump media prides itself on 'speaking truth to power.'; The only problems is they can't seem to stop lying to us.

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