BLM is backfiring but the Democrats haven't noticed yet

Jay Weber Show transcript 7/16/20 6:40 am

What? Another poll shows Biden’s lead collapsing, you say?

But, but, .but...this is over....the smart people tell me...

First it was John Zogby’s it’s Rasmussen...validating the same six or seven point drop that Zogby found and Rasmussen’s last measure was just two weeks ago.

The big move was among independents. Joe Biden lost twelve points among independents in just a few weeks...according to this survey.

If additional polls show similar would almost certainly be traced back to Biden and the democrats embracing the defunding of police. Embracing the lawlessness. Embracing the tearing down of history. Embracing the most extreme views of these BLM and Antifa bullies.

This absolutely is having a backfiring affect.

And so far- Dem leaders don’t seem to realize it. They are too busy using the summer to pander to their activist base.

I talked recently about how Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s- actual strategy-

Stated strategy- is to not let anything pass between now and Election Day. Give trump no wins. Block police reform and an infrastructure package or any other substantive measure...aside from maybe more covid-19 relief.

And then...instead of doing the work of the American people...Pelosi will spend her time in the house passing bills that are only hollow virtue signaling.

So-called show votes- on things that are meant to impress the American voters.

Well-you tell me if this does it: yesterday...Pelosi’s democrats passed a bill that will slash funding to ice and border patrol....block any new wall building...and reverse the asylum policies that president trump put in place that have -very successfully-stopped the flow of illegals into this country.

Pelosi just passed a bill to undo it all. Is this what the Dems think the American people want?

It’s what their rabid activist pro-illegal base wants, but is it what most Americans want?

Not a chance.

And so- it got virtually no media coverage yesterday. her accomplices in the media know not to tout this vote....because...word of it will get back to the Latino activists....and so Pelosi can be assured they have been pandered to and placated...but...word won’t otherwise get out to the American people that these are the things dc democrats are supporting and passing...and would ram thru if they win control.

This is how Pelosi and her house Dems are going to spend their time between now and November.Passing show votes that virtue signal to their base...and if is something that most Americans might actually support....

Well then, their accomplices in the media will write glowing stories about it and how the democrats want to help America, but trump and McConnell are standing in the way.

It is-all- an organized game.

Now-none of this will pass with Mitch McConnell and the GOP majority standing in the way thru the fall...

But- if Joe Biden wins and the Dems take back the senate- this is what the democrats intend to do on immigration.

They are telling us-ahead of time-that they will undo and repeal every move trump and republicans have made to secure this border-and end the flow of illegals.

Yesterday. The democrats in the house.Signaled to voters that they intend to restart the flood of illegals into this country if trump loses the election and it got- no coverage.

We used to have a media that would realize that is an unpopular and divisive position...and they would have made this front page news.

Instead- it’s covered up.


Because we no longer have an honest news media. We have a media complex that is full of propagandists and activists....masquerading as journalists and they didn’t even have to be told to lay off the story.

They knew what their marching orders were.

They knew what was best for the Biden campaign: we need to hide this vote away from the public because these are wildly unpopular moves.....and Pelosi and her crowd will get the news out to their activist base: See? See? We will reopen our borders and resume the never-ending flood of illegals- the moment we can.

These votes are meant as ‘proof’ to their base: see? We are willing to go on record. We are willing to put it in written form and vote on it. You will get your pay off, if you help us win back the white house and the senate.

That’s what these show votes are for and at least in the past-they had to be more careful about it because honest news outlets that knew a good controversy...and knew controversial legislation....would report on it.


Now the news media has morphed into a socialist progressive cabal...who will serve ‘the cause’, not their readers or viewers.

And so- the Dems are so deeply immersed in this hard pander to the activists that they don’t seem to be aware that they are overplaying their pander.

The backlash against the idiotic plan to slash police budgets is starting to harm them.

I’ve mentioned black leaders in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and other cities-

Real black leaders in the community-not BLM have started to demand that their fellow liberals knock off this anti-cop crap...because they need the police.

This week-New York’s murder rate has more than doubled from last year up over 200 percent...

And the number of shooting victims has jumped by 45 percent.But mayor deBlasio actually had the temerity to say, quote, we have kept making this city safer over the last seven years.

He said that a city that has seen a huge increase in lawlessness...from bums pooping in the street and aggressive begging...all the way up to a 200 percent increase in murders....


Even the longtime community activists that have embraced deBlasio because they are all left wingers tipping toward socialism...

Even they are now begging for a larger police presence, proving BLM does not speak for all of black America- or even most!- black Americans.

But deBlasio and the democrats are only listening- to BLM. They are only listening-to the loudest, angriest, most violent voices and that’s now how this should work.

This Brooklyn resident...Eric Adams...held up a pair of baby shoes...and said...’babies are not supposed to be wearing these in a coffin.’

No. they are not.And you’re democrat leaders have failed out. For decade upon decade. In every major city in America.

The grandmother of this dead one year old asked:what about baby’s lives? Do baby’s lives matter?

Not if their deaths disprove the left’s false narrative of the

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